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A Cadet and a Gentleman

A May 1960 letter to a West Point candidate from the Corps of Cadets: (click to enlarge) UNITED STATES CORPS OF CADETS West...

Letter to a General

Gen. Bishop responded to another general who dismissed or perhaps is unwilling to face the hard facts about what’s...

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STARRS Update- 25 June 2024

Here are some updates from the 25 June 2024 STARRS staff meeting: PROJECT 50 UPDATES: STARRS grassroots Project 50 now has...

A Dirty Double Standard

“By pardoning thousands of LGBT military personnel for prohibited sexual activities, Biden has further eroded the...


“Reverse discrimination is unlawful discrimination under Title VII. That means that employers cannot take actions with...

Financing a More Woke Military

By Fred Lucas  |  Capital Research Center Some of the most notorious groups on the Left—including the Southern Poverty Law...

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