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Lt Gen Rod Bishop talks about the Woke Culture within the Service Academies

In this two part interview, Lt Gen Rod Bishop, STARRS Board President and CEO, sat down with Frank Gaffney, Center For Security Policy, for an interview on Securing America.

The discussion provides a great summary of the issues that STARRS is dedicated to resolving in order to ensure the US military maintains its historical status of excellence, honor, integrity, unity, and progress through merit, all of which affect military effectiveness.

Specific topics discussed include Critical Race Theory, support for Black Lives Matter (a Marxist organization) and how the military’s radical vaccine policy is hurting readiness.

The DoD has denied the vast majority of vaccine exceptions including requests based on natural immunity and sincerely held religious beliefs.

Recently they started discharging military members with years, or even decades, of experience and countless dollars worth of training for refusing to take the vaccines after their appeals have been denied, even though the vaccine does not prevent infection from, nor transmission of, newer COVID variants, nor does it prevent serious illness.

They discuss how all these activities seem to discriminate against white males and may even be a way to purge the military of white conservatives who love our country and it’s Constitution – Strong Patriots!

PART 1: Rod Bishop talks about the woke culture within the U.S. service academies

PART 2: Rod Bishop talks about the U.S. military’s vaccine mandate policy

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