STARRS Position Papers:


The 1776 Report
The 1776 Commission report on core principles of the American founding and how these principles may be understood to further enjoyment of ‘the blessings of liberty’.  The commission’s goal is to end what it calls the radicalized view of American history taught in schools which has vilified the United States’ Founders and its founding.

Woke Warfighters: How Political Ideology is Weakening America’s Military
A report detailing how leaders within the Pentagon are pushing critical race theory, sex reassignment procedures, and identity politics instead of focusing on bolstering our military and tackling the threats facing our nation.

Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It (Christopher F. Rufo)

Critical Race Theory (Heritage Foundation)
A lot of useful resources

Army Recruitment Ads: China VS Russia VS USA (YouTube)

CMR Challenge for 2023: Woke-ism in Our Military (Center for Military Readiness)
The ten major challenges that the new 118th Congress should address.

Reagan National Defense Survey (Ronald Reagan Institute)
Survey found 50% of respondents felt that “woke” practices in some way undermined military effectiveness.

Poll: Nearly Seven in 10 Active Service Members Have Witnessed Politicization in U.S. Military (Heritage Foundation)
A survey of active U.S. military members reveals that 68 percent have witnessed some or a significant level of politicization in the military, and 65 percent of those polled say that it is a concern.

Woke Indoctrination at K-12 Schools on America’s Military Bases
The American military is peddling critical race theory, white shaming, queer theory, and left-wing activism to children in its K–12 military schools.

Critical Race Theory Briefing Book (Chris Rufo)
Christopher Rufo has developed a great “briefing book” about CRT that will give you the information you need to understand and fight CRT at the local level.

Work Schooling Tookit (Manhattan Institute)
For those wanting to learn more about CRT so you can be more effective fighting it locally, in the military and while advocating to your elected officials, this handbook from the Manhattan Institute is a great resource.

Critical Race Theory, the New Intolerance, and Its Grip on America (Heritage Foundation)
The origins of Critical Theory can be traced to the 1937 manifesto of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, colloquially known as the Frankfurt School. One of the first examples of what has come to be called the Western Marxist schools of thought, the Institute modeled itself on the Moscow-based Marx-Engels Institute . . . .

How Cultural Marxism Threatens the United States—and How Americans Can Fight It (Heritage Foundation)
Unless Marxist thought is defeated again, today’s cultural Marxists will achieve what the Soviet Union never could: the subjugation of the United States to a totalitarian, soul-destroying ideology….

Glossary of CRT-Related Terms (Center for Renewing America)
This guide is meant to help concerned citizens comb through curricula, public records communications, teacher trainings, etc., to establish more quickly whether or not any of these terms appear in the relevant context.

Woke: Key Definitions and Concepts (Center for Renewing America)

Taxonomy of the Woke Religion (PDF) Michael Shellenberger and Peter Boghossian
PDF chart showing Wokeness is a religion

A Commitment to End Woke and Weaponized Government budget report (Center for Renewing America)
Government Woke and Weaponized Examples

Covid-19 Crimes & Remedies – DOD/Coast Guard : Restoring the Honor of the Military Profession (Strategic Medical Liberty Initiative/Brian Ward)
This document aims to educate committee members on the responsibilities, processes, laws, and regulations of EUA medical product administration within the DoD and the criminal disregard for those legal obligations by civilian appointees.

Executive Order 13950 – Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping (22 SEP 20)
OMB Guidance for Agencies for Ending Employee Trainings that Use Divisive Propaganda (28 SEP 20)

When you hear the word “allies” or are pushed to be an “ally”, this is another weaponized word of the Marxist political warfare agenda. See more on Harvard’s website


West Point:

Air Force Academy

Cadet Wing Diversity and Inclusion Staff (AFA MFR, 1 AUG 21)
This proposal seeks to establish a D&I Mission Element into the Cadet Wing (AFCW). Headed by a Wing Diversity and Inclusion Officer (AFCW/DI), this staff will lead at the Wing and Squadron levels. The Mission Element’s objective is to guide future leaders toward enhanced competency of inclusive leadership as defined by USAFA’s senior leaders, serve as subject matter experts and peer-counselors for D&I concerns, and be champions of dignity and respect to foster an inclusive climate in the Cadet Wing. [aka Political Commissars]



Congressional Bills:

FY23 National Defense Authorization Act:

Public Affairs Guidance: Rescinding the COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate (DOD, 23 DEC 22)