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What happened to our Military?

STARRS has a released a new 8-minute video to warn how extensive the US military has been infiltrated by the Marxist CRT/DEI (Woke) ideology/agenda, how intensive the indoctrination has been, and what this has led to: people leaving or not joining the military in droves.

It’s understandably a hard video to watch to see what has happened to the military which so many have honorably served.

But it’s a necessary wake-up call to take action and work to rid the military of this unnecessary agenda being pushed too hard on service members and cadets instead of focusing on what General MacArthur spoke at West Point, preparing to win wars.

So many are sick of this ideology being forced on them, even those who are being manipulated and used by this agenda to their own detriment:

During pride month when military services were promoting the agenda with rainbow flags on social media, even gay people were telling the military to stop the constant pandering as it was making them look bad and turning more people away.

A female officer was promoted into a new command and DOD tried to make a big deal that she was the first woman to lead this command. She said at her speech she wants the day to come when it’s not “the first woman this or first woman that” but just a military officer being assigned a new position.

A senior black military officer wants the DEI agenda gone because then he will know for certain that he was promoted for his qualifications, expertise and experience, not because of the color of his skin. And others around him would know he did not get his position because of quotas.

A senior female NCO said that DEI is making things tougher for women because sometime they get put in positions just because offices have to “fill the checkbox” with a woman, and if that woman happens to be underqualified for the position, it tends to make all women appear less competent. Also, the fact that the women have to question why they were selected is hard–is it only because of their gender?

Here are resources from the video:

Military CRT/DEI/Woke Timeline (PDF – 30 Oct 2023) This timeline will continue to be updated. Except for the first page (background information), this is what is shown scrolling in the background during the middle segment of the video.

What Military Service Members, Veterans and Parents are Saying (PDF -26 Oct 2023) Currently at 113 pages of comments seen on news articles, videos and social media regarding military recruiting, recruiting crisis, woke military, etc. This shows that the Marxist-rooted DEI/CRT woke agenda in the military DOES hurt recruiting and retention.

Here are the comments shown on the video starting at the 6:13 mark that purposefully went by quickly in the video to emphasize the overwhelming amount of comments there are (see above document):

  • “My transgender Station commander is personally responsible for at least 4 people deciding to get out and over 20 recruits not getting in because they weren’t woke enough.”
  • “Got out of the Navy in 2020. The last 4-5 yrs the significant changes being made by top leadership made it clear things were going off the rails.”
  • “As a third generation career military officer [retired] I would not recommend a military enlistment to any of my family.”
  • “I left because of how fast and far our standards slid.”
  • ‘The substance and morale of the US military has been intentionally gutted.”
  • “I left the Department of the Army after having to attend mandatory transgender sensitivity training in 2018.”
  • “When DEI started to become a thing, when they started ramming down our throats how we didn’t have to just tolerate people but celebrate depravity and lunacy, that’s where they lost me.”
  • “I could not recommend anyone join today. Our oath was to the Constitution, not to ideology. USAFA ’90”
  • “It’s no longer the apolitical military the American people can count on.”
  • ‘This army is way more concerned with social issues and equity than warfighting.”
  • “I was the Equal Opportunity Adviser for an Army installation in 2009. We removed all references to “unity” and replaced them with “diversity.”
  • “My nephew was on a nuke submarine for 3 years. I thought he was going to reenlist. He’s said no f—n way he wanted any part of what the Navy is pushing.”
  • “The morale is the worst he has ever seen. They are getting overwhelmed with training and propaganda on LGBTQ indoctrination. He is getting out of the Air Force.”
  • “Recruits are leaving immediately after enlistments expire. They are sick and tired of all the seminars, reading materials, and strange impromptu “interviews” probing attitudes toward race, gender, and sexual preference. Retention is an even bigger problem than recruitment. The military has turned into a social experiment laboratory.”

Boots on the Ground: What’s happening in America’s service academies Collection of perspectives from cadets on what is happening at America’s military service academies regarding the intrusion of Marxist and Woke ideology.

In March 2009, 1,169 retired flag officers warned about what was coming, and their warning has come true on every point:

“Our past experience as military leaders leads us to be greatly concerned about the impact of repeal on morale, discipline, unit cohesion, and overall military readiness. We believe that imposing this burden on our men and women in uniform would undermine recruiting and retention, impact leadership at all echelons, have adverse effects on the willingness of parents who lend their sons and daughters to military service, and eventually break the All-Volunteer Force.”

See: “Defending the Culture of the Military” (pdf – Elaine Donnelly)

Also see:

A Republic If You Can Keep It”: Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals (pdf – Flag Officers 4 America)
. . . .”The greatest threat to our survival is “domestic”, not “foreign”. Those who believe Socialism/Marxism is acceptable fail to look at history; that ideology leads to death and destruction. Considering just Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, estimates are they killed over 100 million people. America has fought Socialists/Marxists during the Cold War with the Soviets (1947-91); in the 1950s and 60s we fought communists in Korea and Vietnam. Over 95,000 brave Americans were killed in those wars by the same ideology that now controls our government in the Administration and Congress! Ponder that.”

An Open Letter to my Fellow Army General Officers by BG Christopher Petty, US Army ret
. . . “Today, we face a different challenge ‒ unique to our time ‒ that threatens our army like never before.”

180 Retired Generals and Admirals Request Congress Remove Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Funding from DoD (Flag Officers 4 America)
. . . “As Flag officers who have fought for our Nation, the officers are sounding the alarm that DEI poses a serious danger to our military’s warrior ethos and is degrading warfighting readiness.”

Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military by Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier, USAFA ’06, former USAF fighter pilot, commander in US Space Force

STARRS Position Paper: DOD Transgender Policies

Inside the Transgender Empire
The transgender movement is inherently political

STARRS Campaign to support the pro-merit and anti-woke amendments in the NDAA:

Tell Your Elected Officials in Washington to Support Merit in the Military

Pre-written email, all you have to do is send

When politics coming from an administration and its civilian appointees are forced into the military, the first and most damaging casualty at the top is often personal integrity. When senior officers know they will not be promoted or selected for key positions unless they bow to harmful political agendas and they do so, their integrity is compromised.

How do those senior leaders who place value on integrity rationalize such an action? Some apparently convince themselves it is the right thing to do based on perceived loyalty to the CINC, seemingly over the Constitution. Others just do it to “go along to get along” thinking they can stay within the system and make a difference.

Which category is the most dangerous, those who buy into the “kool aid” or those who just go along to get along? The most dangerous are those who buy into the political narrative and become vigorous supporters of things like DEI and climate change and they are the ones, for the most part, now at the top of the military chain of command.

Integrity is the first casualty of extreme politics in the military. Politics have always influenced our military by who the CINC/POTUS appoints into top civilian DoD positions; the difference today is political agendas like DEI and climate change that do great harm to our military.

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More people than you realize are sick and tired of this agenda being forced on them. It just takes one small step to say NO MORE.

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