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Message to Senators: What are Service Academies Hiding?

By Colonel Ron Scott, PhD (USAF ret)
STARRS President

Dr. Scott recently participated in a livestreamed “telethon” hosted by along with many speakers to tell the Senate to stop the Marxist takedown of the military.

Watch or read his remarks:

STARRS has been working very hard to make the Defense Department far more transparent in what they’re doing.

As an example, we have filed 42 Freedom of Information Act requests, one with the Secretary of Defense, three with the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and two at the Naval Academy.

But 36 of the 42 have been filed with regard to activities at the Air Force Academy. It took a lawsuit by Judicial Watch to get a federal court to compel the academy to produce documents for two of our lawyers.

One of those was a 167 page assessment that a former superintendent mandated on July of 2020 to determine the extent of systemic racism at the academy.

We finally received the 167 page document that had 52 entire pages redacted. All the pages were marked For Official Use, only to shield it from the public domain, inappropriately.

And of the pages not redacted, there was not a single piece of evidence of racism, let alone systemic racism. Yet the Academy used that two-year period of of blocking public release of that document to train 82 cadets as diversity and inclusion officers and NCOs throughout the cadet wing.

These are equivalent to the Soviet political officers that observe and monitor what’s being said among their fellow cadets at the academy. It’s just a tremendously dangerous precedent to be set.

This gives just a small example of the types of things that are happening right now within our Department of Defense.

STARRS is doing what it can to make things far more transparent so our elected officials in the courts can get us reestablished as a Constitutional Republic.

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