Boots On The Ground Perspectives

Collection of perspectives from cadets on what is happening at America’s military service academies regarding the intrusion of Marxist and Woke ideology. We keep adding to this page with more examples as we receive them:

A minority cadet wrote to STARRS and said: “I see so many bright young Cadets here who know what is going on is wrong but at the same time are too scared to speak up. The fear we feel, not being able to address our concerns only makes the lack of courage issue worse.” (That is not a “one off” comment.) Why would this cadet say this if the extent of DEI training (indoctrination really) is only 16 out of 2400 hours?

Other aspects of the indoctrination and divisive actions taking place at the Academy: from the daily “reminder” in every squadron of cadets wearing purple ropes, to the embracing of the transgender movement with free lunches for cadets attending, to the selection of books for the One Book, One USAFA initiative, to invitations for scholarship where “cisgender white males” are told not to apply, to BCT where two cadets told us “If I heard ‘we need leaders of diversity one more time’ I was going to throw up,” to the Diversity and Inclusion Reading Room, to the invitation of leftist/progressive guest speakers to address cadets, to cadets being taught not to be “colorblind’–but “color conscious”, to the daily classroom indoctrination taking place, etc, etc, etc.

“My grades are great, but the one thing I am most surprised at is, even though Gen Bishop warned me how “woke” USAFA now had become–it is even worse that he indicated.”–USAFA Cadet

Here is an excerpt from a cadet critique of their “leadership course”: “It should not be so clear what my instructor’s political views are, especially if the instructor is a military officer. The instructor may not be aware of this but it was very prevalent from day one. I am being told what views are right and wrong (seems like the opposite of the free country I am willing to fight for)… apparently I am wrong to believe that the military should be comprised of a bipartisan group of Americans! -(We need) less politicization of the class. This should be upheld no matter what the views are. I am at a military academy, not a liberal arts school, and there needs to exist a separation between politics and the military to best serve the nation.”

A series of texts sent by USMA cadets to parents has been shared with STARRS members:

In-Class Accusations of Being a Racist
“In Geography class we had a class on Racism. It references Ibram X. Kendi, a Marxist, definition of racism. And they talked about “how to be an antiracist.” They went on to say if you do not actively fight against racism that you may be a racist too. And then they referred to color blind racism and they said that it uses victim blaming as its approach.”

Woke Indoctrinations In Class
“In American Politics Class they talked about how CRT and the 1619 Project is not implemented because we are forced to agree, but because it is supposed to give us another perspective on American history. He said some Americans agree with this and it’s important for officers to know all sides. It is not because they are indoctrinating us; it’s because they are trying to show us different ways of thinking. The thing is though CRT and 1619 Project are both lies and are divisive. It’s not based off fact.”

Politicizing in the Classroom
“A teacher in class was talking to us about equity vs equality. She said, “…equality is not enough and not fair.” She talked about how Kamala Harris “box model” is what we should go for because that is the only way equality can be met. She also pointed to how the poor should be given everything to become equal with the rich.”

“A student in class asked, “Is Liz Cheney a moderate Republican because she isn’t like Trump, who is an extremist Republican?” The teacher then said, “I don’t necessarily want to call a former president an extremist.” He later came back to the subject and he said, ‘This person is not an Extremist Republican like President Trump.’ I think he realized what he said so he quickly said, ‘as **** alluded to earlier…”

“Today in Physical Geography class, better known as DIRT, we did a lesson on cultural geography. A big portion of the class was dedicated to cultural changes. We talked about statues being taken down. We watched a 15 minute long video on a statue of Teddy Roosevelt getting taken down. This is the video we watched: I know many of you don’t have time to watch a 15 minute video so here are some things that stood out. The national park system is racist because it drove out Indians. Teddy Roosevelt was a racist. Roosevelt was an imperialist in Africa and a white suppremmist [sic]. And they even switched to a BLM chant that was calling out democracy.”

USMA cadets have a nickname for their American History class. They call it their “I hate America class.”

Cadet tells sponsor, “I wanted to come to the USAFA  my entire life, now I am telling my friends still in HS “to not even consider coming to USAFA”.

“Numerous USAFA Cadets express discontent regarding the SECDEF-directed Extremist down day examples that were all about white supremacy as if 2020 and all the leftist inspired extremist activities didn’t exist.”

A West Point cadet said his freshman English class was “totally Woke.” He added that the “History of the US Army” class he is now taking is “totally CRT.”

USAFA Cadet writes his father complaining about test questions in an “Economic Inequality” course. For answers to be “correct,” they would have to be grounded in ”the principles of CRT.”

USMA cadets complain about “Living Honorably Down Days.” During training on one of these days, cadets were required to watch 2 movies produced by governor Newsom’s wife which were full of “leftists politicians”, “leftist Hollywood personalities”, and “leftist media”. No conservative thought included.

Cadets (multiple) have told us “I hear diversity, equity and inclusion so often I feel like I am continually being indoctrinated.”

Cadets tell us “inclusion” just means–“either you go along with what we are telling you or you won’t be included.” “I just keep my head down and wait for this training to end.”

Lt Gen Bishop described a conversation with a USAFA forth class cadet: “The thing that has surprised him the most in his first five months is just how Woke the academy is. One of many examples he gave me (outside of the Diversity and Inclusion [D&I]-specific training) was his leadership class. He said “it is nothing about leadership, it is all about bias.” He spoke about his male, Lt Col instructor labeling how STARRS exposed USAFA’s D&I Sep training session “a scandal.” Good news: the cadet went on to say how many of his classmates were disappointed in that assessment and do not agree with the indoctrination–“even my black friends are fed up with this–think it is overkill.”

Lt Gen Bishop recently sat next to a sailor who had just finished basic training. Gen Bishop related, “‘It was too woke’ he told me….and then added “and I think it makes us weaker.””

Cadet tells sponsor “worse place in the world to be as a white male Christian is the USAFA”.

Lt Col, SQ Commander, tells STARRS president, the Services are going to experience retention issues if this SJ preaching doesn’t stop.

West Point cadets were required to attend diversity events that denounced masculinity. Cadets were obliged to watch two left-wing documentaries by the wife of Gov. Newsom and featured, among others left-wing people, Jane Fonda. “I’m being taught how not to be a man,” said one cadet. “I’m going to quit West Point. It’s no longer teaching me to be a leader of men. It’s teaching me how to be a victim,” said another cadet. “The real bias we need to talk about [is] why it’s scandalous to be conservative in a professional environment but ‘brave’ to follow the crowd and be liberal,” a third cadet wrote. A fourth cadet said, “The guest speaker had us all make a black power sign a yell, ‘Fight the power!’”

From Lt Col Lohmeier’s book “Irresistible Revolution, Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & The Unmaking of the American Military”:  Page 131: “Within two weeks of the Defense Department’s admission that it is in search of data to support its claim of white nationalism, I was notified as a commander of new reporting procedures we were now to follow. Effective immediately, whenever any disciplinary action or administrative paperwork of any kind is issued for an infraction, military leaders are directed to report said disciplinary action to the base legal office, indicating the race and gender of the recipient of the paperwork as well as that of the leaders who issued it. The new policy clearly signals that the nature and context of the infraction are immaterial. It is merely the race and gender of those involved that matters to the Defense Department.”

From Lt Col Lohmeier’s book “Irresistible Revolution, Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & The Unmaking of the American Military”:  Page 133-4: “A well-respected senior enlisted leader, a non-white female whose career potential appears unlimited, explained to me that she plans on separating after this assignment because she no longer feels valued in the military based on her work ethic and the quality of her work. Instead, the thought is ever looming in her mind that she is being given opportunities because of her ethnicity and sex. She admits that she does not know if that is the case but cannot be sure. She cannot shake the thought because it is what the services are constantly talking about. She also admits she is tired of all the talk about racism.

Specific examples of whistleblower comments mentioned by Sen Cotton during a senate hearing with the SecDef according to an Epoch Times article dated 10 June: – One whistleblower said that military history training was replaced with training about police brutality, “systemic racism,” and “white privilege.” Unit had to read “White Fragility” by feminist author and critical theory proponent Robin DiAngelo.

With respect to the recent Joint Base Langley Eustis (JBLE), Breaking Barriers Alliance DE&I Summer Festival, one retired Air Force three star wrote: “In all the articles written about gay pride, drag queen celebrations, LGTBQ festivals and the like, I never hear the alternative position presented–that such celebrations go against the religious beliefs of many, thus they are NOT a unifying factor for our military where “unity” should be its greatest strength. I wish military leadership would realize that ‘throwing this in the face’ of Christian and other religious Americans who love our country is anything but ‘inclusion’ as so many have told us how divisive it is. It helps accomplish two of Marxism’s goals: eliminate/eradicate/replace religion from the American conscience and create discord/divide.”

USMA cadet complains to parents that 1/3 of the grade in a core course was based on “class participation” and cadet wasn’t participating much as pro CRT discussions were expected and cadet didn’t believe in CRT.

Extensive social media posts by staff and Navy Midshipmen praising the BLM movement and obscenely denouncing police.

Class of 2025 appointee to STARRS Pres: “I don’t want to draw attention to myself and I don’t want to debate anyone of the plusses or minuses of conservatism vs leftist ideologies. I just thought the military was supposed to be apolitical and not push one ideology ahead of another–but that is not what I am seeing–even in my pre admission courses I am required to complete. What do you recommend?”

From Lt Col Lohmeier’s book “Irresistible Revolution, Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & The Unmaking of the American Military”: Page 133: “Another young man, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, explained to me one day that he and his peers – all stationed at various bases – are all planning to separate following the culmination of their service commitment. The reason? They are tired of the Defense Department teaching service members they are racist solely based on the color of their skin. These young officers do not consider themselves racist, nor have they behaved in ways that would be considered racist by their leaders or peers.”

From Lt Col Lohmeier’s book “Irresistible Revolution, Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & The Unmaking of the American Military”: Page 134: A young female explained to me that she had come to believe she was not only an outsider in her country, but also an outsider in the service. She admitted…she had recently learned it from the chaplain who had been teaching her and others at the base about “race in America.” She was trained to believe that she was an outsider because of the color of her skin, and that people were out to get her—white people.

From Lt Col Lohmeier’s book “Irresistible Revolution, Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & The Unmaking of the American Military”: Page 134: Another young man explained that he was beginning to wonder if everything he had been taught growing up was wrong. He explained that he had been raised in a conservative Christian home and possessed a patriotic disposition. He knew that his worldview conflicted with the ideas presented in the base’s Diversity and Inclusion trainings, as well as what he saw playing out daily and weekly in the mainstream media. He felt unanchored. He wondered if holding on to his conservative beliefs would jeopardize his career and if he spoke freely would he be considered racist?

Examples from Rep Dan Crenshaw’s “The Whistleblower Files”:  A “Privilege Walk” was required for all ranks in an Air Force squadron. The members were told to “take a step forward” if they were members of a certain class. For example: first all men had to step forward, then all white members had to step forward and this continued through every point of privilege one may have had according to their “intersectional hierarchy.” The idea was to physically separate people and more or less demean and diminish the success of those with “privilege,” implying they did not get to where they are because of merit.  Watch The Whistleblower Files

Examples from Rep Dan Crenshaw’s “The Whistleblower Files”: In a DOD-wide training school, students were required to share with the class that they had had a “significant emotional event” in which they admit their privilege and repent racism and sexism. The whistleblower report stated it was targeted towards white students, particularly white males. If one chose not to say what was expected or the instructor didn’t believe it was sincere, a student could be failed, and risk damage to his or her career. Watch The Whistleblower Files

On Fri 6 Aug 2021, following the incoming Class of 2025’s Acceptance Day parade, the USAF Academy Dean of Faculty, BGen Linell A. Lentendre, hosted a convocation for the new class, inviting parents, family and friends. Gen Lentendre’s comments endorsing George Takei’s 2019 book, They Called Us Enemy, were viewed by some observers present as inappropriate and misleading:

From a grandparent of a cadet from the USAFA Class of 2025, in attendance: “I wanted to get up and leave, but did not want to embarrass my cadet granddaughter. I hope someone recorded this, so we could get it out to all grads. Bottom line–our beloved Academy has bought into this “woke” [ideology] all the way to the top. They are liars when they claim otherwise. My wife and I both spent an hour complaining to one another about what these kids had to sit through.” –Name Withheld

From a parent of a basic cadet (Class of 2025), in attendance: “I am so very proud of all the cadets, fills my heart with joy and hope, then, to have the Dean [of the United States Air Force Academy] talk about Takei’s book. I asked my son if he read it and he said, “NO!” I cannot believe tax dollars went to purchase that book. The [USAF Academy Board of Visitors] needs to be reinstated. These young people need to be protected.” –Name Withheld

After attending the convocation, one USAFA graduate and sponsor asked her 2025 cadets if they had read it. Two of them had. One of them mentioned that the book made it sound like USAFA supports open borders since they endorsed the book so strongly. Another cadet was not a fan of the message being sent, that USAFA prefers to immediately focus on the darker parts of our history, and not on why we are a shining example of freedom to the world.

From a current USAFA appointee to Lt Col Lohmeier:  “I am from a very blue county in XXXXX, and have been very conservative my entire life. With that said, I’m very well acquainted with the intolerant left and their anti-conservative rhetoric. I have received an appointment to USAFA for the Class of 2025, and will be heading to Colorado Springs in about 3 weeks for I-Day. Your section about CRT and the progressive agenda at the service academies is spot on.

Even just as an appointee, we are required to sit through “EVERFI Diversity Training Courses.” It is a series of videos talking about racism, and promoting BLM. All of the videos featured  actors in different situations that were meant to show  “racism”. One section particularly frustrated me, where it showed a Hispanic man talking with two women about going to a “Black Lives Matter rally.” A white man walks into the room and joins the conversation. The man chimes in with his opinion that “All Lives Matter ” and that he does not support the BLM organization. The video then asks you to make a choice as to what the Hispanic man should say in response. The option that (essentially) said to respect the person’s opinion and move on was incorrect, and you were made to watch the video over and choose again. The “correct” answer was to ridicule the person, and educate him on his privilege.

At the end of your novel, I appreciated the last page and a half of the book where you spoke to those currently wearing the uniform, to continue to honor the oath by defending the constitution, regardless of the current political climate. I have friends going to USAFA with me that have the same conservative views as I do, and that have been worried about the political climate of the military. Here is the question I have to ask you. What (if any) advice do you have for a conservative entering the Air Force Academy in this politically divided society that will help me deal with any progressive and/or Marxist training, seminars, etc. that I may be required to sit through or participate in during my time at USAFA, and as an officer.”

From a 2010 USAFA grad and soon to be ex-USAF pilot related this story to STARRS Member Todd Wood at CDMedia:

“What I really wanted to email you about is my time as an Instructor Pilot down at Laughlin AFB. The USAFA students who came in (graduating from 2016-2019) that I instructed were some of the most entitled and subpar I had ever seen. I loved when I could instruct ROTC and OCS grads because they actually seemed to care.

The academy has lost all its meaning and mission. They never formed us as officers. What I tell my wife is that they literally forced me to become the exact opposite they tried to mold me as. That was from 06-10, and I can hardly imagine how it is now when the four degrees aren’t even put through stress — oh yeah I can, it shows when they can’t handle the multi-engine jet I’m instructing them in when it’s actually life or death if I don’t take the aircraft.

I now withhold all my academy donations. When the Association of Graduates hits me up, I tell them I’d donate to the Coast Guard Academy before I give to them. That was before I started reading your posts on your classmate, the surrender superintendent. I can’t believe how the school I had such a love/hate (mostly hate) for has gone so Berkeley.

If you want, I can fill you in on how Undergraduate Pilot Training has also gone by the wayside. It’s pretty scary to know how these kids we’re PUSHING through are gonna be the warfighters of the future. I’ll never let my family fly Space A.

Thanks for what you do, I just needed to get that rant off my chest.”

Note from a Parent of a USAFA Cadet:

Below is the Sept reading list:

  • The Culture Map by Erin Meyer
  • Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi
  • The Power of Different by Gail Saltz M.D.
  • Despite the Best Intentions by Amanda E. Lewis
  • Trans in College by Z. Nicolazzo and Kristen A. Renn
  • The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle
  • The Other Americans by Laila Lalami
  • Think Again by Adam Grant
  • Identity and Cultural Diversity: What Social Psychology Can Teach Us by Maykel Verkuyten
  • The Color of My Words by Lynn Joseph

As a parent I am wondering how the list was compiled, and if any other viewpoints were left off because they may cause controversy.  Why was Matt Lohmeier’s book left off?  Who created the list?  Was the BOV informed of this list?  Did the Academy Superintendent approve these books?

As a parent I thought that the Air Force Academy is helping educate future war fighters.  Why are there no books about the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the republic that was created by the Founders of the Constitution.  What does Trans in College have to do with the mission of the USAF?  Some of the authors are clearly anti-American.

A STARRS supporter recently had the opportunity to be in front of 40-50 cadets. He asked what their biggest challenge had been over the last year.

“COVID” was the response.

“What was the second biggest challenge, he asked?”

“All the politics” was the response of one cadet.

“Like CRT,” the supporter asked?

The cadet nodded and the response was readily affirmed by the majority present. The group was then immediately admonished by an upperclassman who said with a warning finger–“be careful, you never know who is listening!”

Email from a STARRS subscriber:

This is more a question to the retired officers than a comment or message. I’m currently a SNCO in the Air Force (Guard). I’m having a really hard time squaring my oath with the stuff that is going on now and the way that the upper echelons of leadership are behaving and have behaved in the past several years. I took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, and right now the men I’m supposed to obey without question at the top of my chain are looking more like enemies than leaders. So what do I do? Because going along to get along doesn’t sit right with me, but the message I’m getting from current and former military members is that the only way to deal with patently illegal and bad orders is to resign. But that’s not what my oath says.

To be clear, I’m not asking if it’s okay to start or participate in a coup. At the same time, giving up and running away don’t seem to be helping the situation. And I don’t want to see a military composed of wokists who have zero problem with putting down civilians “for the greater good”. I hate this situation. I hate everything about it. I don’t trust or respect the people I’m supposed to both trust and respect. I can’t believe I’m the only one who feels this way, and we need leadership. I’ve already taken the time to sit and make some decisions about how to handle different illegal orders, should they ever come down. Beyond that, I’m rudderless. And please know, I say all this at risk of my clearance. I love my country, and I would never betray it. The government and military leadership are acting more like tin-pot dictators who are destroying the country and organization I love.

Rod Bishop responds:

Thank you for reaching out to STARRS and expressing your concerns.  We understand that the current situation is difficult to serve under.  However, you should be encouraged that the threat to our Constitutional Republic is becoming more apparent to key politicians and patriotic Americans across the country! Patriots are rising up to push back against the neo-Marxist movement throughout all sectors of society.  Patriotic, Constitution-loving citizens will prevail over this Marxist invasion and deception; but we must stick together, stand tall and work hard!   STARRS was formed to engage and defeat this Marxist, wokist attack on our country.  We are in the fight until we have turned the tide of communist creep in the U.S. and our military forces.  We took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, whether foreign or domestic and we and millions more in this country will honor that oath.

Senator Cotton and Representative Crenshaw have established a whistleblower website to gather examples of how woke, CRT, and other neo-Marxist ideologies are being pushed on the ranks and the adverse impact it is having.  STARRS encourages all concerned active duty personnel to submit their stories to the following:  ( and STARRS.  What have you experienced in your unit, on your base, etc.? What is the impact you have observed regarding morale, readiness, unit effectiveness, retention, unit cohesion/climate, etc.  Specific, well explained examples will help us fight the good fight to save our country!

Once victory has been achieved and the enemy defeated, we will need experienced patriotic leaders throughout the services to rebuild and restore our military to the world class status it once was.

Hang in there! Do what you can to educate your peers and subordinates on the Constitution, how our republic is supposed to work, and the progress we have made through our national journey toward “forming a more perfect union!”

We may not yet be perfect, but as someone who has traveled the world, I can tell you we are much further along than any other country!  This is why people leave their homes to walk across south and central America, brave shark infested seas in rickety boats between Cuba and Florida, or even desperately cling to airplanes leaving Kabul to get here!  If we were as racist and deplorable as BLM, ANTIFA and the radical left say we are, why would so many be risking everything to get here and why is there not a flood of people trying to leave?

It may take some time, but inspirational ideals expressed in our founding documents will prevail and you will be needed to rebuild!

Lt Gen Rod Bishop, USAF (Ret)
President and CEO, STARRS

From a recent USAFA grad:  “When I saw how many minorities and women were being given leadership positions within the wing–certainly “out of proportion”–I just kept my head down, didn’t make noise and didn’t aspire to any higher position–nor will I in the Air Force–what USAFA taught me was just go along to get along.”

A note we received from the mother of a current cadet at USAFA. 

Hello,  My son is in his first year at the US Air Force Academy. I’ve seen information that CRT is supposedly not being taught at the academy, even though a Political Science teacher came out saying that she was indeed using CRT material. I’d like to submit information to which my son is being subjected in his English class that demonstrates that his teacher is pushing CRT. I’ll mention a few of the sources that concern me and tell a bit about them. (There are still many other articles, etc. that I am exploring.)

A.  The Mask You Live In is a video written, directed and produced by Jennifer Newsom, wife of Governor Gavin Newsom of California.

B.  My son was telling me about his English paper. Of the multiple topics from which he could choose, he picked one on masculinity, but he found the subject matter was not what he was expecting. He commented, “you know, how all men are violent…”. This comment is what began my investigation and gave me the opportunity to alert my son to this lie.  When reading reviews, I saw comments such as, “anti-male nonsense disguised as concern”; “Anti-male, anti-human, anti-science, anti-face, anti-biology, abusive, corrosive, post-modernist, utter bull Marxist feminism.”

C.  Last week he was asked to summarize Who Invented Whiteness by Gregory Jay   I read it. In my opinion, it puts guilt on those who are white and expresses white supremacy.

D.  My son sent his syllabus and told me that many of his assignments are from The Seagull Book of Stories/4th edition by Joseph Kelly. I’ve ordered the book, but have not received it yet. Someone who reviewed the book on Amazon said, “be aware some stories are so explicit as to be considered pornography. Why that should be part of school reading is beyond me.”  (Not CRT indicative, but we are a Christian family and I hate that my son could be subjected to such trash, all in the name of higher education.)  The author, Joseph Kelly, has also written books revealing “new history”. (1619 Project?).  Marooned: Jamestown, Shipwreck and New History of America’s Origin and America’s Longest Siege: Charleston, Slavery, and the Slow March Toward Civil War… as well as other books.

I will do you a favor and stop giving examples. Please do what you can to stop our military academies from brainwashing our up and coming military leaders.  At this point, I’d rather you not publicly give my name or my son’s, because it could bring repercussions to him. Thank you, (name withheld by request), 10/09/21

Linked is a video that the incoming class of 2025 cadets were required to watch as part of their appointee checklist; they were not authorized to travel to the academy until the checklist was complete- including Diversity and Inclusion training consisting of this video among others.

Class of 2025 Convocation Ceremony:  Emphasis on “They Called Us Enemy”; poor military bearing and professionalism; amateur ceremony. Disgraceful! See Video

Hannah MacDonald, center, one of three cadet women who resigned recently from USMA over the DoD Vaccine Mandate: “I wasn’t just resisting an injection. I was resisting a kingdom that glorifies ignorance, submission and unethical behavior. Frankly, I was just very upset with the trajectory of our government right now, and realizing they didn’t want me to lay down my life for my brothers and sisters, but for a political agenda.”

“Where all this emphasis on DEI shows up is in selection of leadership positions in the cadet wing” is an exact quote from a third classman and confirmed by recent grads and even fourth classmen.


Notes from a STARRS member who attended the National Character and Leadership Symposium at the U.S. Air Force Academy, February 24-25, 2022: The overall NCLS was excellent. All presentations I attended were outstanding. Overall messages were about overcoming obstacles in your life, focus on your dreams, put in the work to achieve your dreams. America needs unity, not division.

Keynote speaker for NCLS was George Takei, author of the book, They Called Us Enemy. His presentation was limited to the Cadet Wing. I talked with some attendees who attended the presentation. Feedback was that, overall, it was historical and not unreasonable. Ninety percent ok, but he went off the rails during the Q&A. Trashed President Trump, saying he hates Muslims. He said citizens who attend School Board meetings are uneducated. General comment was that he felt if you disagreed with him, you were uneducated. Personally, I am puzzled why this man was selected to open the NCLS in a restricted forum. All other presentations were open to all attendees.

A STARRS supporter reported his friend, “an A-10 pilot and 2013 USAFA grad, informed me that he had his Board of Inquiry (BOI) on 4 March. The BOI was for the mask and COVID testing violations, and “insubordination” (aka preaching the Gospel in Letter of Reprimand (LOR) rebuttals). It looked a lot like a judicial proceeding, but it was not. The pilot planned to make statutory arguments, procedural arguments, and a lot of EUA arguments. The Legal Advisor (judge) ruled prior to the board that all of the orders were legal and he would not permit anything to the contrary to be argued.” The board voted to recommend separation with a General (Under Honorable Conditions) categorization.

The parent of a West Point applicant alerted Col Mike Pefley, STARRS VP of Communications, that the assigned admissions officer (a female USMA graduate) discouraged the applicant from applying after finding out she had conservative views. The parent stated this happened to two applicants that they know of. The applicants’ political leanings were learned through surveillance of their social media conversations. The admissions officer told the applicant she would likely fail the physical aptitude test, and also told her about an event (specifics unknown to STARRS editors) that had happened at West Point that could indicate there was cause for concern for one’s physical safety.

Additionally, the Admissions Officer learned that the applicant also applied to Annapolis. She contacted her USNA counterpart to advise them the applicant was unacceptable and recommended Annapolis offer the slot to another candidate. Because the applicant is now in the Corps of Cadets at West Point and due to fear of retribution, she remains unidentified.

STARRS requested the USAFA provide each cadet a copy of Lt Col Matt Lohmeier’s, USAFA ’06, book, Irresistible Revolution, Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military to provide a counterbalance to last summer’s One Book, One USAFA selection by George Takei, They called us Enemy–which is over-the-top partisan political and not an honest presentation of complex border issues, yet issued to every freshman cadet in Jun of 2020. STARRS had even identified a donor willing to buy a copy of Matt’s book for each cadet. As a reminder, Matt is the former Space Force squadron commander that was fired for writing the book after it had been reviewed and cleared through appropriate channels per DoD regulations.

The superintendent refused because it was “too controversial.” Yet George Takei was given prominence at the premier National Character and Leadership Symposium as the opening speaker–made mandatory for all cadets and held at the only indoor facility that holds the entire cadet wing. According to multiple cadets, Takei “went off the rails” in answering some questions–“totally inappropriate” political comments, untruths told about “Trump’s border cages” and “Trump’s Muslim Ban,” and a kindergarten-level understanding of complex border issues. We have pressed USAFA to set the record straight and not leave a false impression on the minds of so many of our future leaders–all to no avail. Some have said–“integrity first”, the USAF first core value, is but another casualty of today’s ideologues.

From Rod Bishop, President, STARRS: A USAFA appointee called me yesterday unhappy that part of the training he must complete before entering USAFA includes movies seeming to advocate for Black Lives Matter. Apparently, they are the exact same BLM training videos USAFA used last year. He told me this kind of training made him feel “uncomfortable.” He was wondering why USAFA would seemingly endorse such an organization as he knows the damage BLM has done across the country.

Pat Hueman, a 1962 graduate of USMA (West Point), in an email to USMA Superintendent LTG Darryl Williams (following the Superintendent’s address to Pat’s class at its 60th reunion), asked questions about various subjects, including the lack of balance between left-leaning and right-leaning speakers in recent years, as well as cadets reporting they are being taught “what to think” rather than “how to think.” Hueman had reached out to cadets, asking them to list the “liberal/radical” and the “conservative” speakers they had heard, or were told about, since January 1, 2021. Cadets listed six liberal/radical speakers and no conservative speakers.

Mr. Hueman’s email further contained an excerpt from a USMA Social Sciences syllabus that was sent to him from a West Point cadet: “EMPHASIS WILL BE PLACED ON THE INHERENT INEQUALITIES FOUND WITHIN THE STRUCTURES, RULES AND PROCESSES OF THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM.” This same cadet stated that a History Department instructor showed the class a video from the 1950s called “West Point Belongs to You.” The instructor forced his opinion on the class that the video was sexist and misogynistic. When cadets wrote essays that included political points of view different from those of the instructor, the instructor scratched out cadets’ different views with a red ink pen. The instructor did not allow debate; rather the instructor told the cadets WHAT to believe.

Mr. Hueman further asked, “Did you feel sufficiently comfortable to speak against CRT tenets during class discussions?” One cadet responded, “I know many who would just go with the narrative out of fear. I didn’t because I would rather speak the truth and accept a bad grade than lies. That said, I did not feel comfortable enough to speak up against it in class.” When Mr. Hueman asked cadets about what books they were required to read, they reported, “Integrating the US Military: race, gender and sexual orientation since World War II,” described as being entirely focused on how “whites” marginalize minorities. Another heavily-biased work cited was, “Intimations,” by Zadie Smith.

A parent of a Class of 2026 Basic Cadet notified STARRS that COVID and other illnesses are running rampant through USAFA’s basic cadet squadrons; the scenario the mandatory vaccine requirement was designed to avoid. As a reminder, many doctors not only contend that the vaccines do not protect individuals from COVID infections, but they actually adversely affect the immune system so vaccinated people are more susceptible to all illnesses.

On Wed, 7 Sep, USAFA Cadets received another Diversity and Inclusion briefing. During the training they were told to ask each other about their “pronouns” and counseled to use inclusive language like “partner” instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” and “parents”, “caregivers” or “guardians” instead of “mom” or “dad.” They were also told not to use phrases such as “colorblind,” “I don’t see color” or “we’re all just people.”

One cadet’s reaction: “It was identity politics on steroids.”

Another cadet said many cadets sit through the sessions, then mock them. They don’t take it seriously.

This past summer, a cadet who was serving as cadre during Basic Cadet Training was ordered to ask all his cadets if they were “gender fluid” or not.

A USMA Parent: “West Point just told my son in an official proceeding he is too religious to serve and has to be discharged. …The gaslighting is truly something to behold.”

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