West Point Woke Agenda

Nickaylah Sampson’s Experience at West Point was the Racism of Low Expectations

As she described her experiences:

“When I was 17 and still a candidate, my diversity admissions counselor invited me on a free trip to shadow a cadet. No other specifications were given about the trip, but either way, I was ecstatic and happy that West Point thought me good enough to invite on a free trip.

By the way, I did not know at the time that only black applicants get diversity counselors in addition to our regional field force reps. West Point just assumed that I needed help applying because I am black and female.

My mother and I arrived at a conference room in the Double Tree hotel where we were instructed to go, and to our astonishment we entered a room of exclusively black people and officers. I was shocked, and more so shocked that the entire thing was treated as if there was nothing unusual about the situation.

We were never told that this visit, which I discovered was called the “Inspire Program,” was only for black kids. I felt degraded and segregated.

My officer only confirmed my suspicions when we cadet candidates were lined up and he announced that “these are the most competitive African-American cadet candidates in the United States!” Immediately I felt used. Like they didn’t want me for my merit, but for the color of my skin.

I later discovered that one of the candidates had failed the Candidate Fitness Assessment two times already. How could we possibly be the most competitive?

When we arrived at West Point, we were only paired with black plebes because they said “your experience at West Point is more likely to be similar to those of other black kids”. Again I was shocked.

I didn’t realize it then because I was so caught up in my desire to attend the Academy, but I realize that it was purely segregation on the basis of race. They didn’t care about my abilities, they cared more about my color than about mission readiness.

Now, I can firmly say that the only “systemic racism” I have ever experienced was perpetuated by people of my own race. The whole agenda has taken over, inside and out.”

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