BOOK REVIEW: The Road to Americanism

Forces, foreign and domestic, are attacking the United States and its Constitution. Their goal? To undermine our founding history and national character.

The Declaration of Independence claimed our rights; the Constitution defends them. To stand against the forces of tyranny that seek to destroy our freedom, we must learn from history.

The Road to Americanism by Dennis Haugh is the constitutional history that delves into and analyzes how our society and governing principles evolved from the love of liberty. It:

  • Tells the story of how we became “Americans,” emphasizing the value of the melting pot
  • Explains how this new culture led the charge to abolish slavery throughout the world
  • Showcases in detail the history, philosophy, brilliance, and vision behind our founding documents
  • Demonstrates how re-engaging with our founding principles can help us achieve Aristotle’s “best” form of government by promoting justice and protecting liberty

The Road to Americanism—unlike contemporary corrupt curricula and media malfeasance—is rooted in facts from original source materials.

This book shows why our founding principles are so relevant and essential today.

As Americans, “We the People” determine our fate. With the knowledge and tools to protect our country’s future, we can protect our own.

The Road To Americanism | Defiance Press & Publishing

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