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Keeping the Oath to the Constitution

On the Rob Maness Show and guest US Navy Commander Robert Green, author of Defending The Constitution: Behind Enemy Lines:

The US military was and is famous for its victories in our nation’s many wars culminating in the spectacular triumph against Germany and Japan that ended World War II.

What began with the muddled mess that was Viet Nam and continued through the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, American military leadership, which used to be the world’s envy, has fallen into complete disarray and disrepute.

Most recent is the debacle of the pullout from Afghanistan with the ensuing deaths, mayhem, confusion, and loss of billions in equipment left behind.

While true that the pullout from Afghanistan was ordered by President Biden, no military leader owned up to the complete failure to plan adequately for the pullout.

No senior military leader was courageous enough to warn President Biden of the unmitigated disaster that would attend to the abrupt pullout.

No senior leader took responsibility for the ensuing mess.

The most senior leader to publicly document the gross failures of leadership was a USMC Lt Col whose reward for telling the truth was to get arrested wrote retired US Navy CAPTAIN Brent Ramsey in his introduction to the book we’re discussing today.

That’s right, arrested, for demanding accountability among the general and flag military officers that made disastrous decisions and ultimately killed 13 Americans with them.

Keeping your oath requires moral courage and my guest today authored his new book Defending The Constitution: Behind Enemy Lines as an active duty US Navy Commander, showing his courage to detail the failures in our military to keep that oath during the pandemic and all that followed.


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