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DoDEA sources speak out about woke ‘Marxist’ indoctrination

The Department of Defense Education Activity has been plunging into woke ideology which includes hypersexual and woke curriculum under the watchful eye of Pentagon headquarters, according to two teachers at DoDEA schools.

Fox News Digital spoke with two sources who work at the DoDEA, a wing of the Pentagon which oversees the education for the children of service members. There are over 60,000 children enrolled in Department of Defense schools, which are located in the U.S. and across the globe.

In an effort to protect their identity, due to fears of retaliation, detailed information about their roles and identities are being withheld from this story. Both of the teachers described working in an environment in which there was a culture of silence for those who disagreed with the prevailing view on gender ideology and American history. They feared, and said they know of others who share a view, that maintaining alternative views at DoDEA would be met with professional consequences.

“I think the single biggest problem that is most in my face and in the face of military… is this … culture called Wokeism,” said John Smith*. Smith added he thought the Constitution meant something, especially having served his county as a soldier before joining DoDEA.

“I call it a social Marxist direction,” said another teacher, Alexander Black*. He added that DoDEA schools have been noticeably transformed through its hiring, the curriculum used in classrooms and books selected for its libraries over the last few years.

“We are not at the Chinese indoctrination… level kind of thing… We want to address it now before it becomes a problem,” Black said.

Politics is overt at DoDEA, but only on one side, according to the teachers.

For example, Black reported political ideologies against the right were adorned over his school during the Tump era. “There were things all over the hallways, Black Lives Matter, putting [up political] posters, things like that, dealing with LGBTQ+ kind of narratives, transgender narratives, all those kinds of things that in all honesty don’t necessarily have a place around minor children, blatantly, with no backlash or repercussions.”

Smith said, “There is a willingness now [at DoDEA] to embrace things that have no business in our school. One of them is the constant willingness to promote ideas that are social engineering, [such as] gender realignment.” . . . . (read more on Fox News)

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