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Supreme Court affirmative action ruling exempts military academies. But for how long?

The organization that led the crusade against affirmative action at Harvard and the University of North Carolina is eyeing a new target: military academies.

When the Supreme Court issued its majority opinion on the cases late last month, determining the consideration of race in college admissions violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause, the justices said the opinion doesn’t apply to military academies.

Echoing previous decisions, the conservative members of the court concluded these schools have “potentially distinct interests” when it comes to promoting racial diversity on campus.

Now, Students for Fair Admissions, which sued to end race conscious admissions at Harvard and UNC, “is exploring the legality of using race at these institutions – West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy,” legal strategist and SFFA President Edward Blum wrote in a recent email to the group’s members and obtained by USA TODAY. These are the most selective of the country’s five federal service academies.

“If you know of any student who was recently rejected from these institutions, or any students who will be applying to any of them,” Blum’s email continued, “please contact me.”

“SFFA and our allied partners believe that the United States service academies are subject to our nation’s civil rights laws and Constitution,” he told USA TODAY in an email. “It must follow, therefore, that an applicant’s race must not be used in admissions decisions.” . . . . (read more on USA Today)

Students for Fair Admissions

Students for Fair Admissions is a nonprofit membership group of more than 20,000 students, parents, and others who believe that racial classifications and preferences in college admissions are unfair, unnecessary, and unconstitutional. Our mission is to support and participate in litigation that will restore the original principles of our nation’s civil rights movement: A student’s race and ethnicity should not be factors that either harm or help that student to gain admission to a competitive university.

You can reach them by mail or email:

Students for Fair Admissions
2200 Wilson Blvd.
Suite 102-13
Arlington, VA 22201

You can also contact the President of Students for Fair Admissions, Edward Blum, at 703-505-1922.

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