STARRS on Frontlines of Freedom Show

Denny Gillem, USMA ’64, and host of Frontlines of Freedom interviewed STARRS Director of Education Sam Thiessen, USMA ’73, on his January 20th show.

They talked mostly about STARRS as an update to previous interviews.  Sam also mentioned the MacArthur Society (he is the Vice President) and hoped to speak a little more about it but ran out of time.

Sam’s interview starts at the 21 minute mark, but you’ll find the entire hour informative and enjoyable.

Frontlines of Freedom 01-20-2024 Show # 839 Hour 1 – Frontlines of Freedom

And you’ll also find hour two informative where STARRS Board Member BG(R) Chris Petty, USMA ’87, is interviewed about a recent issue of Battle Digest on the American Revolutionary War Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina.  Denny regularly interviews Chris about an important military battle in history that appears in Battle Digest.

Chris’s interview starts at the 21 minute mark here as well.

Frontlines of Freedom 01-20-2024 Show # 839 Hour 2 – Frontlines of Freedom

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