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Naval Academy Boosting Midshipmen Training….in Gender and Sexuality Studies

By Capt. James Nault, US Navy ret, USNA ’81

My alma mater is offering classes in “Gender and Sexuality Studies” and “Latinx Studies,” which provide no leadership lessons and sow the seeds of division in the Navy.

If critical race theories have “established a beachhead” at the service academies, that “beachhead” is about to expand at the Naval Academy.

From the Daily Wire: Here’s What Naval Academy Students Are Learning In Their Gender And Sexuality Class:

Can being versed in gender and sexuality theory help you be a more effective Navy sailor? The U.S. Naval Academy appears to think it can, and is looking to hire a specialist in Gender And Sexuality Studies to join its faculty for a tenure-track position.

The professor will teach a course that brings Naval cadets up to date on the topics “through a set of focused readings of theories, histories, perspectives, and/or major figures in LGBTQ, women’s and/or gender studies,” according to the course description on the Naval Academy’s website.

The position description for the tenured faculty position indicates that a PhD is required and that the Naval Academy is seeking “a specialist in Gender and Sexuality Studies (open period or genre). We welcome subspecialties in disability studies, film, and multiethnic or global Anglophone literature.”

Why the Naval Academy seeks a PhD with a subspecialty in “disability studies” is a head scratcher given that most “disabilities” are disqualifying for entry into the Naval Academy.

Even worse, the course description for the class that this soon-to-be tenured faculty is going to teach reads, as mentioned, as follows:

Advanced methods of analyzing literature and culture are taught through a set of focused readings of theories, histories, perspectives, and/or major figures in LGBTQ, women’s and/or gender studies. Readings may include Audre Lorde, Sarah Ahmed, Gloria Anzaldua, and Kimberle Crenshaw.

Great, so the English Department at the Naval Academy has an elective that has nothing to do with…..English…..and everything to do with woke “LGBTQ, women’s and/or gender studies.”  . . . .

. . . . The Naval Academy’s English Department also, it turns out, has an elective English course entitled “Latinx Studies,” where midshipmen will “explore processes of identity formation through many of its facets, including: class, race, gender, sexuality, and language (among others).” . . . . (read more on Legal Insurrection)


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