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The Agenda: Pushed not only on the military but the world

STARRS latest video, What happened to our Military, reveals a deliberate DEI/LGBTQ/Trans agenda being pushed on the military by senior White House and Pentagon leaders, which began when Obama became president and accelerated to the present day (see the timeline on the video page) becoming more sexually exhibitionist.

When you look at all this from a bigger perspective, you realize it’s a bizarre thing for a war fighting organization to place so much attention on promoting the personal sexual habits/sexual preferences of people. What does that have to do with fighting a war?

This Agenda being pushed from on high is not only in the military but in all government agencies. Like the Intelligence Community, whose priorities should be laser focused on its mission, not misplaced on this distracting Agenda. A recent story shows the National Security Agency (where half of its employees are military) has a massive DEI/Queer dictionary. A CIA recruitment video promotes an employee who mainly talks about her various sexual identities.

And now we find taxpayers are also funding this Agenda overseas, pushing it on unwilling countries and punishing those who won’t accept it.

What is going on here?

The U.S. Puts $4.1 Billion toward LGBT Causes Globally (Washington Stand)

Despite an ongoing war in the Middle East, open borders flooding in millions of illegal immigrants, a worsening drug crisis, and increased risk of terrorist attacks in the U.S., President Joe Biden apparently has other priorities.

According to an Epoch Times investigation of government spending, in the last three fiscal years, $4.1 billion “in federal money from taxpayers” has been put towards LGBT initiatives both within the U.S. and across the globe.

In June, Family Research Council published a report that tracked the Biden administration’s foreign policy LGBT priorities. Written by Arielle Del Turco, director of the Center for Religious Liberty, and Chris Gacek, senior fellow for Regulatory Affairs, it revealed data similar to the Epoch Times’s investigation. FRC’s report also pointed out that the Biden administration’s “ideological colonialism” often “strains our relationships with other countries and diverts U.S. attention from focusing on other human rights issues.”

As the authors state, “LGBT-identifying persons are already (rightly) protected by international human rights treaties by virtue of their personhood, not their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

This is unlike countries including (and not limited to) Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, where identifying as LGBT is illegal, and, in some cases, the death penalty is imposed.

Nevertheless, the White House is “pushing LGBT-specific policies around the world” that is not only distracting but “a coercive attempt to change foreign cultures and laws from afar and displaces human rights like religious freedom.”

As Del Turco and Gacek argue, the Biden administration is doing this through specific department grants, an emphasis on Pride Month, recognizing “LGBT-oriented international days,” creating gender-neutral passport options, and multiple other ways outlined in the report, which concludes are all a “misuse of resources,” harms the relationship the U.S. has with its allies, and ignores the laws that already protect human rights.

Ultimately, “The mark of this ideological push is widespread, and the harms will be as well,” the report read.

To provide further insight, Del Turco commented to The Washington Stand, “

Sadly, the Biden administration has systematically infected nearly all aspects of our foreign policy apparatus to push LGBT ideology across the globe.”

She continued, “Under Biden, Pride Month is celebrated at embassies, LGBT issues are included in the State Department’s annual Human Rights reports, the government observes LGBT commemoration days, and the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development fund LGBT activism abroad. This type of international activism is alienating to many American allies in the developing world that have more conservative or traditional value systems.”

She added that it is also “inherently condescending.”

As for the $4.1 billion directed to LGBT priorities in foreign policy, Del Turco said, “Most American citizens have no idea” the U.S. government has wasted so much money “on not only useless but deeply harmful programs in the United States and around the world.”

America’s Salvific Global Mission: USAID has embraced gender and sexuality equality as America’s key cultural export American Mind)

American taxpayers are bankrolling an agenda that breeds anti-American sentiment overseas while complicating and undermining U.S. foreign policy.

LGBTQI+ programming conducted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is not welcome in many societies of the non-Western world.

USAID’s attempt to foist progressive, Western beliefs about sexuality and sexual practices on the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia is a blatant act of cultural imperialism that threatens U.S. interests.

Why is an American agency dedicated to encouraging socioeconomic development in poor countries funding a program that is unwelcome with their leadership and people?

Why is an agenda that embodies cultural imperialism being celebrated?

Why is America’s primary foreign-assistance organization undermining U.S. interests?

Ignoring obvious consequences is reckless and produces unnecessary challenges for the country. LGBTQI+ programming generates friction with leadership and populations of allies, partners, and potential partners.

The programming compounds U.S. foreign policy responsibilities by further diffusing American attention, energy, and resources.

And it creates dynamics that debilitate America’s ability to compete effectively with China in the non-western world. . . . .

. . . USAID’s LGBTQI+ programming is a prominent feature of Biden’s overseas emphasis on DEI. Through USAID, the administration exports its vision of American LGBTQI+ rights and lifestyles to the world.

The programming manifests through education; activism and leadership; and tactics of “allyship.”

The objective is to transform or reengineer societies through a dissemination of ideas, routinization of practices, and the integration of lifestyles and beliefs into everyday life.

USAID’s 30-page publication “Integrating LGBTQI+ Considerations into Education Programming” guides educators in realizing diverse and inclusive learning environments. USAID promotes the usage of gender-neutral language and recognizing gender identity or sexual orientation in the classroom.

A practice that remains unpopular in the United States—withholding a student’s gender identity or sexual orientation from parents—is advocated by USAID and is being introduced into the traditional and religious societies of the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia.

The cultivation of LGBTQI+ activists and leaders is assisted by USAID’s Rainbow Fund. Announced in March 2023, the fund seeks to help make LGBTQI+ individuals more visible and vocal throughout the non-Western world. . . .   (read more)

Exporting LGBT Ideology: The Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy Priority (FRC)

How the US spent $4.1 Billion dollars on Global LGBT Initiative (Epoch Times – paywall)

Integrating LGBTQI+ Considerations Into Education Programming (USAID)
“The purpose of this document is to support USAID’s staff working in the education sector to integrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI+1) considerations into programming and across the Program Cycle. It is based on desktop research on international standards and the efforts of other development organizations, and interviews with development professionals working in the sector.”

Biden Pentagon Quietly Expands Woke Transgender Policies in the Military (Center for Military Readiness Policy Analysis)

The Agenda is not only in the government and overseas, but in religions:

Fr. James Martin’s ‘Outreach’: A Closer Look (Catholic Accountability Project)
‘Outreach,’ an LGBTQ pressure group operating under the name “Catholic,” opened its doors to much fanfare amid the secular and leftist Catholic press in 2022. In its first months of operation, the group has focused exclusively on tearing down Church resistance to the “Pride” and “trans” agendas. Learn the whole story here.

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