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Leaked NSA Doc Reveals Massive Woke Glossary Pushing Critical Race Theory, Gender Ideology At Intel Agency

The National Security Agency, responsible for monitoring threats both foreign and domestic for the U.S. military, assumed a new responsibility under the Biden administration — creating a massive glossary of woke terms for employees, ranging from “anti-racist” to the gender-neutral pronouns “ze” and “zir.”

A copy of the NSA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Glossary obtained and verified by The Daily Wire shows the agency now provides definitions for terms such as “queer theory” and “white fragility,” as part of its expansive guide to 327 social justice terms that blame “white Europeans” for engaging in “settler colonialism” and warn of “transmisogyny.”

The 34-page document, published internally on May 6th, 2022, but never released publicly before The Daily Wire’s investigation, pushes blatantly left-wing views on race and sex.

It explicitly endorses the tenets of Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory, both of which are included as terms on the glossary.

The leaked, unclassified NSA document identifies itself as a “a glossary of terms and language commonly used in dialogue regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice” and cites radical Critical Race Theory educators such as Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi.

. . . . The agency, which has been sharply criticized for its mass surveillance operations on American citizens, goes beyond openly endorsing the extreme tenets of Critical Race Theory with its glossary — it pushes queer theory as an approach that “critically deconstructs and challenges binaries such as male and female or heterosexual and homosexual.”

The DEI glossary goes on to list a plethora of different vocab words associated with queer theory like “transmisogyny,” which it defines as the “intersection of transphobia and misogyny.”

“Ze” and “zir,” meanwhile, are noted as “gender neutral pronouns that can be used instead of he/she” and “his/her,” while “two spirit,” is defined as a “Native American term for individuals who identify as both male and female.”

Other terms defined in the glossary include “genderqueer,” “AFAB/AMAB: Assigned Female At Birth, Assigned Male At Birth,” “Latinx,” and “same gender loving,” a term that serves as “a description for homosexuals” who think that terms such as gay and lesbian “carry negative connotations.”

There’s also “demigender” — with variations such as“demiboy” and “demigirl” included — defined as “having a partial connection to one or more genders.”

A member of the House Intelligence Committee who viewed the document says he was shocked at the level of indoctrination within one of our most powerful military agencies.

“I just can’t overemphasize how shocking this is,” Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), a combat-decorated U.S. Army veteran who fought in the elite Green Berets, told The Daily Wire. . . . .

. . . .The glossary also works to undermine the very founding of the United States, blasting America’s founders in its definition of “settler colonialism: “Settler colonialism typically includes oppressive governance … and enforcement of codes of superiority,” before charging “examples include white European occupation of land in what is now the United States.” . . . . (read more on Daily Wire)

See the document (pdf)

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