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Illinois National Guard has ‘open arms’ for 300 soldiers who didn’t comply with vaccine mandate

The Illinois National Guard says is has “open arms” for about 2% of the state’s service members who were barred from attending drills for not complying with President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate now that the mandate has been rescinded.

Unless there’s a change of U.S. law, those 313 guardsmen for Illinois shouldn’t expect back pay.

“Now that the federal COVID-19 policy is rescinded and all federal administrative actions initiated solely for COVID-19 refusal are rescinded as well, the Illinois National Guard has reached out to those service members and requested that they return to weekend training and annual training effective Jan. 10, 2023,” Illinois National Guard Public Affairs Director Brad Leighton told The Center Square in an email Wednesday.

For the Illinois National Guard’s 13,000 members, 20 airmen and 293 soldiers did not submit an exemption request for religious or medical reasons and were barred from attending weekend or annual training between July 1, 2022, and Jan. 9, 2022. . .  (read more on Center Square)

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