‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is ‘insidious’ for portraying ‘virtue’ of U.S. military: MSNBC editor

MSNBC opinion editor Zeeshan Aleem recently condemned “Top Gun: Maverick” as the “most insidious movie” at the Oscars” because it shows the U.S. military as a “beacon of virtue.”

Aleem trashed the “Best picture” nominee in a Saturday morning column for painting America’s military in a positive light, lamenting that the “literal propaganda,” as he described it, is “poised to become canonized as a highly decorated film.” The Academy Awards are on Sunday.

The action flick, which almost single-handedly recharged the dwindling film industry after the stagnation caused by COVID-19 lockdowns, has been nominated for six Oscars, including “Best Picture.”

Aleem revealed he was not as pleased with the film as millions of American movie goers. Though he admitted it was “a breath of fresh air to see dazzling live-action aerial combat scenes involving real actors (trained to withstand G forces by real pilots) and (mostly) real planes,” the columnist slammed it for being “as insidious as it is entertaining.”

He declared it is insidious because of its overt pride for the American military, saying, “it also beckons for a return to accepting the American war machine as a beacon of virtue and excitement.”

Aleem added, “It’s a poisonous kind of nostalgia, one that smuggles love of endless war into a celebration of live action.”

The columnist reduced the film about patriotism, family, and U.S. resilience against unimaginably tough odds to “literal propaganda,” pointing to the U.S. Defense Department’s contributions to the film. As such, Aleem said, “This collaboration in jingoism is evident throughout the script.” . . . (read more on Fox News)

Why The Oscars Can’t Give ‘Top Gun’ Too Much Credit For ‘Saving Hollywood’s A**’ (Daily Wire, 13 MAR 23)

The film that saved “Hollywood’s a**” was rewarded for its heroism with a paltry Oscar for Best Sound at The 95th Academy Awards Sunday night.

So why did “Top Gun: Maverick” get burnt by The Academy despite its high-flying success? Well, Hollywood bigwigs cannot openly give too much credit to the highest-grossing film of 2022 for its success; Doing so would admit that their anti-American and woke crusade has been an abject failure that has hurt their bottom dollar.

Ultimately, leftists can never admit they were wrong about a topic because doing so would weaken their power — whether that be cultural or political. The reality is that the audience does not want to go to movies for a lecture and forced diversity — they want to be enthralled by the magic of film and a cinematic experience. . . . (read more)

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