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Status Of Military Vax Mandate -USAF 1LT John Bowes, Atty Dale Saran

Information Operations host L Todd Wood speaks with those at the tip of the spear of the fight against medical tyranny in DoD.

US Air Force pilot 1LT John Bowes (AFA ’19) and Attorney Dale Saran (USMC Captain, ret) give the latest insight from the fight.


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Lt. John Bowes Discusses Challenges of 700 Unvaccinated US Pilots

Lt. John Bowes USAF Sounds Alarm on Military Policies, Vaccine Mandate on U.S. National Security

“God Has Called Me to Stand Up,” Lt. John Bowes
Lt. John Bowes shares his story of being a USAF pilot facing discharge for rejecting the Covid vaccine.

It’s History’s Most Devastating Purge of Combat Aviators!
First Lieutenant John Bowes was commissioned as a distinguished graduate from the United States Air Force Academy in 2019. In September 2021, he was removed from the F16 pilot training pipeline after filing a religious accommodation request for the COVID mRNA shot. Since then, John has become intimately familiar with the consequences of this mandate on national security, pruning, and the function of the military as a whole. Today Matt welcomes John to learn more about his story and shed some light on the most extensive purge of combat aviators in US history. We discuss the military readiness implications of the DoD’s current push to ensure every last member of its military received the emergency use authorized mRNA shot. Key Takeaways:

  • History’s most devastating purge of combat aviators (00:00)
  • John’s background and journey (03:11)
  • What happened after John filed his religious accommodation request (10:04)
  • The grim implications of service members being removed from duty (15:54)
  • The importance of standing up for our values and beliefs (35:53)
  • How a religious accommodation process works in the military (39:59)
  • Why we need to support informed consent regarding vaccines (46:46)
  • What service members can do to address this issue (58:55)

Troops Discharged For Refusing The COVID Vaccine Are Fighting For A Second Chance. For Many, It’s Too Late

Air Force Lieutenant John Bowes: Hundreds Of American Pilots Stand To Be Discharged Solely Based Off Their COVID-19 Vaccination Status
John Bowes, a lieutenant in the US Air Force, talks to host Steve Bannon about the national security impact of vaccine and other mandates being used to weed out pilots because of their political, religious or medical views. “I spent my entire life fighting to become a fighter pilot. I got there but then I had to give it up because I requested a religious accommodation… I’m tracking about 800 or so unvaccinated military pilots across the entire DOD and then another 80,000 unvaccinated service members across the entire DOD, and these tumultuous times that we’re facing right now, this is not a time we can afford to lose a single service member.”

Biden’s vaccine mandate threatens to make military pilot shortage worse, Air Force Academy grad warns
. . . “I’m aware of more than 700 pilots that are actively unvaccinated and trying to stand up for their constitutional and statutory rights within the military. The implications of 700 pilots is pretty extreme,” he warned. “And a report was sent to Congress detailing those exact outcomes that could potentially happen if these service members were to be discharged. A survey was conducted of about 357 pilots, to be exact, actually 357 pilots. And some data was collected in terms of how many years of service they have, how much they’re worth in taxpayer dollars and training costs and metrics like how many are instructor pilots?”

“To give some background before I give that data, I’d like to preface that. In 2015, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General [David] Goldfein, stated that a 1,500-pilot shortage was a crisis and that number has since grown to 1,650,” Bowes continued. “We’re already in an extreme pilot shortage in the Department of Defense, and that’s across all service branches. The survey was conducted with all service branches in mind without the Coast Guard. So that’s Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force pilots. And these 357 pilots are worth 4.8 excuse me, $7.8 billion in your tax funds. On top of that, the average years of service of these members is 14 years.”

“These are highly experienced aviators who have lethality and experience and the ability to teach new aviators that we’re trying to replace currently,” the lieutenant noted. “To fill this shortage, 69% of those aviators are instructor pilots. Now the implications of this might not be immediately apparent, but given the crisis and meaning that we already have within the Department of Defense for pilots, just those 357 pilots alone, not to mention the 700 total and likely more would be a humongous detriment to our national security. Not only would we be losing these aviators who are highly experienced and capable of fighting wars for us in a time when tensions with China and Russia rise.”

“Why are we doing this?” Bowes asked. “Why are we denying these service members their religious beliefs? Why are we fighting them when they’re speaking up about what they believe to be their constitutional oath over a vaccine that still causes people to get COVID and still causes people to spread COVID?” . . .

The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal (Steve Kirsch)
After the vaccine rolled out, the FAA secretly widened the EKG parameter range for pilots so they wouldn’t be grounded. It looks like the vax gave at least 50M Americans heart damage.

DoD Confirms: Rare Heart Inflammation Cases Linked to COVID-19 Vaccines

United States v. Members of the Armed Forces: The Truth Behind the Department of Defense’s Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program By Dale Saran

U.S. Military Whistleblowers Challenge Legality of Vaccine Mandate in Court
Former U.S. Marine Corps Captain and lawyer, Dale Saran (RET.), legal representation for active-duty U.S. military servicemembers who filed a class action lawsuit on May 23rd against U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Acting Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Janet Woodcock, and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Xavier Becerra. The lawsuit accuses the military’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate, spoke out on behalf of the 80,000 unvaccinated servicemembers in a live-streamed military whistleblower press conference on October 18.

Video: Military Whistleblowers Press Conference 10/18/22

‘It’s Done Just to Break’: Troops Speak Out Against COVID Vaccine Mandate
The military attorney who ended the Pentagon’s anthrax vaccine mandate in 2004 is now, almost 20 years later, fighting to end the Pentagon’s coronavirus vaccine mandate. Former Marine Capt. Dale Saran is now representing more than a thousand service members in two separate cases that he hopes will end the current mandate, if he is once again successful. . . .

Dale Saran | Lead Attorney in US Military Anthrax Lawsuit
Dale Saran is a prior Marine Corps helicopter pilot and Judge Advocate. Dale headed the lawsuit against the US Military for the Anthrax vaccine and was the General Council for CrossFit HQ. Currently, Dale is working on a Class Action Lawsuit against the United States Government for their handling of the COVID vaccine.

He battled anthrax vax – now he battles mandatory COVID jabs

New River Marine, N.C. Marine officer plaintiffs in military vaccine mandate lawsuits
Dale Saran, a retired Marine Corps major who was a pilot with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 269 at Marine Corps Air Station New River in the 1990s, is one of two lawyers representing a North Carolina soldier and Marine in their lawsuit — Robert v. Austin — against U.S. agencies DoD, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The lawsuit was originally filed in August in a Colorado court. On Nov. 2, a preliminary injunction was filed where the suing parties claim DoD is “engaged in an illegal vaccination program involving all active duty, National Guard, and reserve members of the all volunteer force.”

An updated complaint filed Nov. 6 said Austin and the DoD are “coercing and forcing military members to be injected with unlicensed drugs in violation of federal law and the U.S. Constitution.”

“Our argument is first and foremost that it’s not a licensed vaccine and it can’t be mandated,” Saran said. The complaint argued the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is “legally distinct” from the FDA-approved form by the name of Comirnaty. Furthermore, the complaints said “all DOD units are using the EUA Pfizer-(BioNTech) vaccine that is not yet licensed by FDA.” . . . .

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