STARRS Goes to the Skies

An eye-catching billboard flies high in the skies of Colorado Springs, reaching out to patriots who want to help STARRS save America.

From July 1 for five weeks, all who drive by the intersection of Nevada and Garden of the Gods will be encouraged to join the fight to preserve our country!

Our website is prominently displayed to enable passers-by to access clear facts about ideologies and movements destroying the United States from within and to help as many as possible come out from under the spell of socialist/Marxist propaganda and mental oppression.

Man’s Flight through Life is Sustained By The Power of His Knowledge. These are the words on the Eagle and Fledglings statue outside the doors of Mitchell Hall at the Air Force Academy. They have been there since the USAFA opened.

STARRS provides the information individuals need to combat the forces pressing against the survival of the freedom, health, and life of our citizens and our country.

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