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USAFA NCLS 2024: “Valuing Human Conditions, Cultures, and Societies” — Except when bombing them

The Air Force Academy recently released a perky promo video for the 2024 National Character and Leadership Symposium which would look completely normal for a trendy hip business conference — except it’s for a military institution of warfighters.

“. . . . At this year’s National Character and Leadership Symposium, we’ll learn the importance of valuing human conditions, cultures and societies,” the video says.

Besides wondering what they mean by “human conditions,” there’s no mention of what if they—as highly trained elite warfighters—have to bomb into oblivion from on high those cultures and societies as enemies in a war.

“. . . In the global environment, we understand that success results from better understanding ourselves and others and teams work best when all feel valued and respected.”

As if that is an entirely brand new concept, recently discovered by young people.

Actually, it’s the CRT/DEI codewords “dignity and respect” repeated over and over to force people to accept behaviors and lifestyles that goes against people’s values, thus demoralizing them. Otherwise, there is no need to keep repeating this because normal honorable people treat others the way they want to be treated, while at the same time being able to disagree with a person’s choices.

Here’s the video:

From the description: The NCLS 2024 theme, “Valuing Human Conditions, Cultures, and Societies,” explores the complexities of what it means to be human and examines the qualities exemplified by admirable citizens and leaders. Events are scheduled February 21 – 23, 2024 with registration opening January 3, 2024. Join us as we “Embrace Culture. Empower People.” 

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