Help Academy Cadets Defend Themselves!

Save Our Cadets and Midshipmen!

Right now, at least 16 cadets are in danger of being kicked out of West Point because they have refused to be vaccinated due to their religious beliefs!

The same number of Air Force Academy cadets have already had their religious exemption requests and appeals denied and have been told to either get vaccinated, resign or be expelled within days.

A lawsuit is pending and additional lawsuits may be filed on their behalves to defer or delay this action.

Naval Academy midshipmen who filed for religious exemptions appear currently “protected” from expulsion by a court ruling in a lawsuit involving Navy SEALS; however, DOD has taken action to limit deployments, and continued litigation is probable.

The rules for vaccinations are different for each branch of service. Lawsuits were filed against the Navy and Air Force, but nothing has yet been filed for the Army/West Point Cadets. That needs to be done immediately, or West Point Cadets may very well face expulsion.

Money is needed to support these potential lawsuits and our cadets and midshipmen! STARRS (Stand together Against Racism and Radicalization in the Services, Inc.) is mounting an effort to legally support these cadets and midshipmen, and other military members.

We need your help!

These young cadets, midshipmen and other military members are the future leaders of tomorrow who are demonstrating amazing courage and character. Now they need our help!

Let’s assist them to continue their education and training and keep them in the service of our country!!!

Please show your support by going to www.STARRS.US and clicking the donate (litigationsupport) button. Funds can be earmarked for litigation purposes.

You can also send a check to:
P.O. Box 468
Monument, CO 80132

For Donors who need additional information, STARRS’ EIN number is 86-3589850. You can find the IRS approval letter below. If donating by mail, please use the PO Box above in lieu of the corporate address in the IRS letter.

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