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Virginia Military Institute Alumni Withhold Donations to Fight Diversity Agenda

Alumni of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) are leading an effort to redirect donations toward a foundation that directly benefits cadets and away from the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda.

VMI alumni are taking action to push back against the institution’s DEI agenda, which is rooted in the core tenets of critical race theory.

Concerned alumni from the class of 1974 sent out a letter encouraging other members of their class to donate to the Cadet Foundation, which they say would support cadets without aiding the school’s DEI agenda.

“All contributions directed to the Cadet Foundation would be used to fund programs and projects that directly benefit cadets but not those that would impose divisive changes derived from political agendas and policies on the Corps, Ratline and Honor System,” the letter remarks.

It went on to note that “We desire to take a stand and save what is left of the VMI experience” before also adding “DO NOT fund programs and policies that force changes on the Corps, Ratline, and Honor system, resulting from political agendas and ideologies such as CRT, a divisive DEI Program, and others.”

Alumnus Carmen Villani, from the class of 1976 has stated that he is “absolutely convinced” that DEI and critical race theory “are being woven into the fabric of VMI.”

“The only way you can influence them is by hurting their pocketbook,” alumnus Gene Rice told The College Fix in an interview. But the effort to reroute donations is just one part of the alumni’s campaign against VMI’s diversity agenda.

Sal Vitale, a member of the class of 1961 and class agent for 48 years, told The College Fix that he and several others attempted to persuade the Board of Visitors to join their cause by “offering solutions” and not just condemning board actions before they began attempting to redirect donations. Vitale said, however, that their request to meet with the Board of Visitors to present their concerns was refused.

In response to the controversy, concerned alumni have also drafted and signed a petition against the school’s DEI academy calling on Virginia Attorney General Miyares (R) to halt any and all “DEI initiatives until a full investigation is performed.” They’ve also spoken with local media outlets to criticize VMI’s diversity agenda. . . . . (read more at Breitbart News)

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