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Judicial Watch Supports STARRS in Suing DOD for Overdue USAFA Records

Judicial Watch took on a new quest, suing the Department of Defense (DOD) on behalf of Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc (STARRS) a nonprofit corporation founded by USAF Academy (USAFA) graduates. See link for Case Number: (No. 1:22-cv-02894)

“It has been over 700 days since the STARRS’ FOIA request was made,” said STARRS President, Dr. (AF Colonel, retired) Ron Scott. The official request is for USAFA records, alleging racial discrimination which the academy has used to implement radical diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

The lawsuit is demanding, among other documents, records based on a July 2020 memorandum in which the superintendent of the USAFA strongly indicated that there was systemic racism at the Academy.

In a letter to the “Academy family,” the superintendent said, “[s]ystemic racism exists in our society, and our USAFA community is not immune.”

The memorandum also announced the Academy was going to conduct an “assessment,” the results of which would be produced no later than September 18, 2020.

In this instance, STARRS filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on October 12, 2020, for records associated with that assessment.

“No one should be above the law,” said STARRS’ General Counsel Mike Rose, a 1969 graduate from USAFA. He went on to explain the law requires a response (with records) within 10 days, or 20 in extenuating circumstances. “There are no extenuating circumstances that justify an almost two-year delay. Until we see the assessment, the implication is that it may not have supported the narrative being advanced. So, we are just being slow-rolled and stonewalled.”

Dr. Scott, a USAFA 1973 graduate, said, “We have been extremely respectful and cooperative with our requests, following up with phone calls, emails, and even a Zoom call with USAFA leadership, impressing upon them their responsibilities to follow the law.” “The two FOIAs Judicial Watch is advancing in a lawsuit are the tip of an iceberg—all totaled, we have filed 30 FOIAs, mostly with USAFA, but others include the Secretary of Defense (open), West Point (open), and the Naval Academy (one closed, one open) and all the open cases are well beyond the 20-day response requirement.”

According to STARRS’ Chairman of the Board Lieutenant General Rod Bishop, a USAFA 1974 graduate. “Strongly implying systemic racism at USAFA just seems to be something articulated because it is in vogue with the vernacular of the day,” “It certainly did not comport with my experience at USAFA or anything I observed in my 34 years wearing the uniform of the USAF. About the only ‘racism’ we presently see at USAFA is reverse discrimination such as a recent advertisement of a scholarship with industry open only to minorities and women–‘cisgender men need not apply’ read the promotional material.” See Caitlyn Jenner calls Air Force‘s new ‘gender minorities’ program ‘a shame’.

“Last week it was the silly but dangerous infusion of Leftist ideological language we saw emanating from USAFA—strong suggestions we shouldn’t be ‘colorblind’ or that ‘guardians’ or ‘caregivers’ are better words to use than ‘mom’ or ‘dad.’ In their enthusiasm to be totally ‘politically correct’ and seemingly promote Marxist Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ideology and its Leftist language, USAFA leaders are not only being ‘political,’ but they are turning off cadets, parents, and their graduate community, causing division within the Air Force team where unity should be paramount. This is not theory or speculation,” General Bishop said. “I have processed thousands of emails and phone calls from cadets, parents, and graduates unhappy with the divisive road the USAFA is headed down.”

Dr. Scott also observed that it’s difficult for many retired senior officers to engage because of the political nature of the issue, further complicated by board membership at corporations that have joined the D&I wokeness. “Just yesterday, I had a conversation with a former senior military officer, ‘I really appreciate what you guys are doing to save our Nation, but I’ll lose my job if I say anything publicly’.”

General Bishop emphasized, “We express our deepest gratitude to Judicial Watch for being a great teammate in this battle. Organizations like STARRS and Judicial Watch are deeply grounded in an understanding of our founding documents and their codified vision for America. We have spent trillions of taxpayer dollars and lost hundreds of thousands of American lives fighting for this vision against Marxist/totalitarian regimes all over the world for decades. The sad irony here is that America sacrificed over 600,000 Americans to overcome systemic racism during our Civil War. Now, we have systemic racism advanced by the seductive and banal ideology of CRT, promoted and enforced by DEI ‘political officers’ in all units of the military, across the federal, state, and local governments, academia, and corporations.”


Established in the Spring 2021, STARRS is a 501(c)3 approved organization which operates primarily to provide educational information, assistance and materials related to racism and radicalism in the military. [Note: radicalism in the organization’s title is based on Michigan State University’s definition: “the beliefs or actions of individuals, groups, or organizations who advocate for thorough or complete social and/or political reform to achieve an alternative vision of American society.”] Learn more here.

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