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Biden admin “wrecking the moral foundation of the armed forces”

Biden has “let down” US veterans after “wrecking the moral foundation of the armed forces” with “witch hunts”, Donald Trump’s former Secretary for Veteran Affairs Robert Wilkie has said.

Wilkie explained that the events erupting in London and Washington DC is a “continuation of the cultural suicide that is going on not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States and the West”.

When asked how Biden had let down veterans in the US, Wilkie said:

“Well he’s let them down in the sense that he has wrecked the moral foundation of the armed forces of the United States with his witch hunts, with the diminution of physical and mental standards, dividing the armed forces into what I would call grievance categories.

“Douglas Murray has said that the Biden administration is engaged in a non-stop grievance competition that is played out in the armed forces.

“We have a new chairman of the Joint Chiefs who says that his goal is to reduce the number of white pilots in the Air Force to 43 per cent.

“I am an Air Force Colonel in the reserves. I only want people who know how to fly airplanes. I don’t care what they look like, what color they are.

“And we also see under Biden the lowest recruiting numbers since the all-volunteer force was created 50 years ago by Nixon.

“People don’t want to serve in a military where the civilian leadership says that the nation is an irredeemable country, that we are the oppressors. . . .  (read more and watch episode on GBN News)

What happened to our Military?

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