How CRT made its way into military academies

Lt Gen Rod Bishop, STARRS President and BOD Chairman, appeared on Debbie Georgatos’ Vimeo program America, Can We Talk?  Gen Bishop was the sole guest, and the host was very supportive. Even if you have read every newsletter and have a firm grasp of what STARRS is about, this video is worth the time to watch it. Here is a summary:

Gen Bishop gives an intro to STARRS with a short history. He talks about how the AFA Football coaching staff produced a video after the death of George Floyd that contained multiple uses of “Black Lives Matter,” and how STARRS fought to have it taken down from their Facebook page because of its political nature. He talks about the dangers of teaching CRT in the military, and how it promotes divisiveness rather than unity. He touches on the anti-American themes that are prevalent in CRT.

He describes how STARRS helped Chase Standage, a USNA midshipman, get reinstated after he was kicked out for anti-Antifa and anti-BLM tweets. He discusses the diversity training video that AFA appointees are required to watch prior to arriving for BCT. He says that parents of current doolies have voiced anger and disappointment over “woke” speeches at this summer’s Acceptance Parade. He talks about how USAFA has announced the creation of a “safe space” in the Cadet Library along with a Diversity & Inclusion reading room.

He touches on the fact that every cadet is given a copy of George Takei’s graphic novel “They Called Us Enemy” which is endorsed by AFA leadership. He explains the role of the military academies’ Boards of Visitors, and how President Biden has illegally suspended them.

Debbie asks Gen Bishop what the academies should do to “free themselves from this obsession with CRT” and Gen Bishop answers with several ideas. They briefly discuss Matt Lohmeier’s book, “Irresistible Revolution.” Gen Bishop concludes by encouraging us to not just be against CRT, but be FOR something. Including American ideals, unity over division, the flag and the National Anthem.

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