DOD Media STARRS Authors Woke Agenda

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Is Destroying Our Military From Within

STARRS Chairman LtGen Rod Bishop (USAF ret) and Vice Chairman MajGen Joe Arbuckle (USA, ret) were on the Rob Maness Show.

From the show description: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, or DEI is destroying our armed forces from within. It divides rather than unites us. DEI abandons Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind society that judges people based on their character and merit, not skin color or any other identity.

Flag Officers for America and over 160 generals and admirals have sent a letter to Congress asking them to intervene using their constitutional enumerated powers to destroy DEI in the military, and senior officers everywhere are joining organizations like STARRS to demand change and communicate to the American people what is actually happening at places like our service academies where Marxist critical theory politics is being injected every single day. We are in dark times, my friends.


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