Army Woke Agenda

The US Army discovers woke doesn’t win wars — but is it too late?

Are the powers that be planning a war?

The US Army last week “released a recruitment ad that critics argue is a sure sign the military is gearing up for war,” Townhall’s Leah Barkoukis reports. “There are no signs of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the 30-second spot, which features white males jumping out of a plane.”

After several years of stressing wokeness and diversity — and telling troops, “If you’re a white male, you are part of the problem” — the Army is suddenly seeking old-fashioned soldiers from traditional sources.

That’s because, like it or not, if you’re looking for combat soldiers, you’re going to be recruiting heavily among white males — and, worse yet from the wokies’ standpoint, white males from the South and Midwest.

Though the Army has become more diverse overall, historically it’s been white males who have disproportionately signed up for combat roles.

. . . . . White males from the South and Midwest have been more likely to sign up because of traditions of patriotism and masculinity that haven’t been especially welcome in today’s military. (“You’re part of the problem” is poor salesmanship.)

Worse yet, the brass has treated the troops who do sign up poorly.

The shameful and dishonest skedaddle from Afghanistan, leaving hundreds of Americans behind, made many serving troops angry.

It also demonstrated to potential recruits that the Army — and the nation’s civilian leadership — will praise patriotism and sacrifice when it suits them but flush the results of those sacrifices down the toilet for shallow political reasons.

One in eight military families resorts to food banks and community pantries to make ends meet, which isn’t likely to add to military service’s appeal.

While soldiers’ kids go unfed, the brass has, however, found millions of dollars to support gender transitions for soldiers, because of course.

A family member who’s in the Army has shared numerous stories of filthy, broken-down barracks, unfed troops and uncaring officers.

It was my understanding making sure troops are taken care of is an officer’s top priority. Not in practice, it seems.

So we see disrespect for a prime demographic, disloyalty to troops’ sacrifices and disregard for their day-to-day well-being. 

It’s not a formula for successful recruiting. . . . . (read more on the New York Post)

What People Are Saying

(From the comments section on the article)

“My father was in the Navy and retired in the Naval Reserve. I received an appointment to Annapolis and spent two years there before leaving in a dispute over my major. I then joined the Army and spent 21 years in service. I, like many others who have served previously, am being true to my oath of service to actively dissuade all high school graduates that I come into contact with, along with young service-industry workers, to NOT enlist in any of the military services as they are currently officered.”

“I spent 6 years in the Corps, 3 in combat, and I tell anyone who will listen to not join the armed forces either”

“Look at all the millions of Middle Easterners, natives of India, SE Asians, and Central And South Americans in the USA. Hugely underrepresented in the US armed Forces. White males make up 80% of combat casualties historically. Why should they serve a nation that calls them racist at birth and privileged. Dying or severely wounded in combat isn’t much of privilege.”

“It’s why we as a family have made it our personal mission to discourage all those in our family (military age) to not serve. We’ve served since the civil war, we won’t do it again. The only people they provide protection to are elites who don’t waste a second to disparage us. So next time, let them send their, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters, it won’t come from this family, we washed our hands of you.”

“Ditto our family. Both myself and my husband served in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have discoraged our kids from doing the same BECAUSE and the woke military leadership considers them “unfit to serve” due to our conservative Christian, constitution-supporting beliefs. BTW, they are both college educated, scored in the top 10% of the population on the SATs, and one has a degree in computer science.”

“Who ever thought the radical Marxist homosexual agenda would succeed in destroying the Pentagon from within.”

“You could’ve seen this coming down the pipe a mile away with this woke crap. Do you really think I want to soldier with someone next to me on the battle-field whose a transgender? No, I want the very best and the strongest, not a diversity, or equity hire. You should also have soldiers that believe in the mission. The United States has used our military for nonsense wars and they (soldiers) know it, so they’re not motivated, but their heart is not in it, they go because they’re ordered to do so. I cannot be motivated to fight my heart out with a Commander and Chief like BIDEN, whom I have no faith in and feel no patriotic support from, or pride in the United States.”

“We all must loudly start speaking up against wokeness at the personal and institutional levels and embarrassing anyone who puts up with this crap. It’s killing all of us at our core.”

“This is what happens when the commander in chief is a brain dead puppet whose strings are being pulled by left wing radicals. I am a former Army officer and I tell people to steer clear of the Army today. Some day it will get back on course but it will take years and probably a lot of casualties before that shift happens.”

“The “shameless skeddaddle from Afghanistan”. Really? Like, the 20 years of pointless, meaningless death and destruction that occurred before the pullout wasn’t itself “demoralizing”? The “pullout” was a mess; but so was every single thing that preceded it, in both Iraq and Afghanistan. So spare me. I retired from the Army in 2005; made sure to discourage my son and nephew from joining. A clown show, run by corrupt phonies at the behest of chickenhawk cowards.”

“The military should be asking the 81 million who voted for Biden to signup first to fight any war he wants to start. He is your president so stand next to him when he sends you off to fight for something stupid.”

“As ex-military myself, I would never voluntarily serve now. It’s not just because of the obnoxious “woke” agenda. Even if that didn’t exist–and it is here to stay–I would not serve because of today’s incompetent and indifferent military leadership, corrupt and dysfunctional political class, and divided populace. This country threw away 50,000 lives in Vietnam, and countless other lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, for what? Now, the leaders want to send our people to Ukraine, Israel, Iraq, or Taiwan? For what? My advice to the Army: take your LGBTQ+ troops and go fight with what you have, or if you don’t have enough, enlist more LGBTQ+ troops. Good luck and godspeed, fools.”

“Do not trust the military with your kids. Every single general or admiral is totally Woke. If not, their career would be immediately over. They know almost nothing about warfare but everything about gender and race xrap. Waaay too dangerous to serve in combat under such horrible officers.”

“This article and the comments remind me of what has happened to law enforcement in this country over the past years. LE’s traditional source of recruits has dried up, with veteran and retired officers telling anyone that will listen: Do Not become a cop.”

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