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West Point Cites Karl Marx, Teaches Radical CRT to Cadets: Investigation

The institution charged with training the next generation of American military leaders teaches that “racism” marks every aspect of U.S. society, “slavery” is alive and well in the United States, capitalism oppresses the poor, and it indoctrinates soldiers in feminism and “queer theory,” a Freedom of Information Act request has found.

The legal watchdog Judicial Watch obtained a total of 653 pages of documents from West Point’s teaching of critical race theory (CRT), a controversial, Marxist-inspired ideology that teaches American society is inherently racist and must enact sweeping, racialized wealth redistribution in order to undo “systemic racism.”

CRT grew out of critical legal studies and gained popularity at an academic conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School on July 8, 1989. One of CRT’s pioneers, Richard Delgado, described his fellow CRT theorists and conference attendees as “a bunch of Marxists.” Delgado and his wife, Jean Stefanic, wrote that “critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order; including equality … neutral principles of constitutional law” and the concept of unalienable “rights,” a pillar of the U.S. constitutional system. . . .

. . . . West Point, the nation’s premier military leadership institution, now teaches these radical theories, as a Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch has proved.

America is “an institutionalized system that continuously oppresses those [not on] the top of the racial pyramid,” taught one slide presented to West Point cadets. The presentation told black enlisted men that U.S. society “looks on” at them “in amused contempt and pity.”

“Slavery remains the epicenter of the intertwining of history, economics, and culture in the modern world,” claimed one presentation at the academy.

Another slide presented a series of racial wealth disparities as examples of “MODERN DAY SLAVERY IN THE USA.” (Emphasis in original.) It helpfully noted that W.E.B. “DuBois, much like [Karl] Marx, believed that capitalism exploited those at the bottom.”

Both CRT and socialism teach that government must seize ill-gotten gain and redistribute it to the have-nots.

One presentation on critical race theory alleged that “[r]acism is ordinary” in American society. “White Americans have primarily benefited from civil rights legislation,” thanks to “interest convergence” — a bit of CRT circular reasoning that teaches America’s white majority only allows some minorities to benefit when it serves dominant white interests.

The West Point presentation justified Affirmative Action by asserting, “unqualified white Americans” are more likely to obtain certain jobs “regardless of skill set and background,” because of “who they know.” Yet America believes in “[m]eritocracy: the belief that opportunities and rewards are distributed according to effort” and hard work. “Do you think Affirmative Action creates an environment for ‘reverse discrimination?’” it asked. “Use CRT to support your answer.”

West Point also taught cadets “radical culture feminism” including the “desire to create matriarchy.” . . . . (Read the whole article)

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