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Army Soldier Tells World the Military Paid for His Transgender Surgery

A US Army Staff Sergeant’s disturbing TikTok video went viral and seen by over 5 million people after he underwent transgender surgery and told the world the US military paid for all of it (meaning YOU the taxpayer paid for it). Highlights of what he said if you don’t want to watch the whole thing below:

“How did I get all of this covered? I’m in the military and TRICARE basically has been upgraded and updated their policies over the last couple of years to accommodate trans soldiers.”

“….It was a process, I had to go through all the evaluations, I had to get all the doctors involved, I had to get my commander, my command team–all of them involved. There were so many paperworks I had to get signed–it’s the military, it’s a bureaucracy process.”

The entire Libs of TikTok post says:

“This man who thinks he’s a woman underwent a full gender transition including “facial feminization” to try to change his face to appear like a female. It didn’t cost him cuz he’s in the military and they paid for it using our tax dollars. The military uses our tax dollars to fund all kinds of S*x change surgeries for servicemembers who are confused about their identity.”

What People Are Saying

Some responses from people on X/Twitter:

“How does this have one wit to do with lethality on the battlefield?”

“I just retired right after 20 years partly because of this madness. It’s still a small percentage of the military but the shoving down the throats of service members to be tolerant to this crap is just nauseating.”

“Message delivered to the soldiers by recruiting trans with tax-payer funded ‘transition’ surgery is this: “Assume NO commonality with your fellows soldier. Even the basics of physiology mean nothing.” Why? To undermine the unit-cohesiveness on which battle-readiness relies.”

“That’s why the Trans community was beating down the doors to get in. It wasn’t to serve or to protect the USA. It was to extract a costly surgical procedure from the US taxpayers. Just wait until these people actually have to fight a war.”

“I don’t understand. I know military members with CANCER and PTSD that are waiting on appointments and can’t get help. Why is plastic surgery being fast-tracked and how is this in our nation’s interest?”

“We need to stop this kind of funding especially when we have veterans barely getting by or homeless.They have long medical waiting or denial of necessary medical treatments for vets.”

“4 year enlistment. Practicable deployability = 0 days”

“I remember when we were focused on the mission of the military and not the social experiment it is now. Hopefully these people aren’t in a Combat Arms MOS. S1/4 are screaming their names.”

“I. Just. Can’t. My father, a Vietnam veteran, could not even get the VA to cover his advanced cancer, which was most likely caused by Agent Orange. He passed away this summer.”

“The US is going to regret going down this road. This is why our adversaries do not take our military seriously. The military needs to get back to doing military stuff and get out of the culture war business.”

“RIP our military and RIP to our tax $$.”

“But if he believes he’s a woman (trans women are women), why does he need all these procedures to become a woman?? 🤔”

“The idea of service is not to provide care to those in need. What does enlisting (or retaining) a transgender person do to improve the service? How do they increase lethality? How do they improve man-hours at work? Availability? Deployability?”

“Our military has gone WOKE. No wonder they can’t recruit real men anymore.”

“Okay, so many of our veterans are homeless and cannot get benefits, but this “PERSON” here can get full-blown surgery that isn’t needed to save a life? Does this make sense? Will this make “HER” a better soldier?”

“I remember when I was in the military, they wouldn’t pay for braces for me, because it was considered cosmetic and not necessary to be “combat ready.” But sex changes are? Yet General Milley insists the military hasn’t gone woke. Gimme a break.”

“I thought the military is for protecting the nation, not for providing free plastic surgeries. Can I get my taxes back, please? I don’t think the surgery was successful either.” (He’s right, as seen on his TikTok channel, he doesn’t look any different than before the surgery.)

“Our taxpaying dollars should not be funding this! End of story!”

“It’s why I’m encouraged to work less hours and same with my team. Why slave away at a job or a business so I can give a huge percentage of my income for bs like this?”

“Our military is the best in the world and this is very important! However, policies like this only acts to weaken it and it is all self inflicted. Social issues do not belong in this arena.”

“I have these questions, because this is what matters.

  1. How long did this person enlist for?
  2. How much money and time did the military invest in them before this process started?
  3. How long did this person actually do that job they were trained or went to school for before the process started.
  4. How long during the process will the person be unable to do the job they were trained and put through school for?
  5. How long after?
  6. Due to medication and other limitations will this person ever be fully able to to the job they were trained for?
  7. If this process takes up a large portion of the total enlistment, is there any effect on benefits such as GI bill, discharge, or anything else? Do they required to extend to make up the lost time?
  8. What do the units that we’re supposed to receive such people do to fill their spots? Due to the way manning works, they may not get a replacement.
  9. Once we consider all of the above, politics, morals aside. Is the investment in tax dollars worth the payback the military will receive?
  10. If the answer to 9 is yes, how do we justify it to others who perform their jobs their entire enlistment?

The truthful answers to those questions not religion, morals, beliefs, or politics is what should drive the policy.”

The Army soldier has a TikTok channel flaunting his sexuality and the alphabet agenda in the military.

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Meanwhile, over at the VA:

Learn More:

‘Gender-Affirming Care Is Dangerous. I Know Because I Helped Pioneer It.’ (The Free Press, 30 Oct 23)
My country, and others, found there is no solid evidence supporting the medical transitioning of young people. Why aren’t American clinicians paying attention?

Comment on article: “The ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ medical professionals are cultists. A result of radical progressive ideologies & DEI indoctrination in our universities and now in full bloom in the medical field with many doctors, nurses, administrators and oversight boards completely bought in. Some of the most indoctrinated by this insanity IMO are the psychologists and psychiatrists. Not only do they co-sign this craziness, they dole out loads of very powerful psychotropic drugs to their patients. We can now see how the big pharma companies are jumping on the bandwagon with this movement as it provides them a customer for life….”

Biden Pentagon Quietly Expands Woke Transgender Policies in the Military (pdf – Center for Military Readiness, Feb 2023)

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