Why Does STARRS Exist?

By Mike Pefley, STARRS VP, Communications, USAFA ‘74

Our twin American ideals of liberty and equality have made us the freest, most prosperous nation in history. From Lexington and Concord to the beaches of Normandy and mountains of Afghanistan, our warriors have always defended these values.

Today we face a new enemy. This enemy isn’t a country. He can’t be defeated by an amphibious landing or a surgical drone strike. The enemy is Critical Race Theory (CRT), yet another form of radical neo-Marxism tearing apart our national fabric.

Since 1848, Marxism has resulted in either the murder or enslavement of hundreds of millions. CRT is today’s deft repackaging of the old Marxist lie—a secular religion that promises equality and justice and delivers disunity, oppression and poverty.

Embracing this new radicalism means rejecting everything America stands for. By co-opting language and twisting definitions, proponents of this ideology have smuggled their ideas into our institutions under the guise of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” “Equity” demands equal outcomes regardless of merit. “Diversity” emphasizes race and other “identities” over being united as Americans. “Inclusion” gives special privileges to minority “victims” while demonizing and punishing the “oppressive white majority”.  These twisted definitions are the antithesis of what it has always meant to aspire to achieve the American dream.

Radicalism distracts our armed services from its primary purpose: to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Focusing on CRT shifts our military’s attention from lethality and readiness to a false, divisive ideology. If this radicalism continues to fester within our military, a large number of US servicemen and women will be removed from their position, passed over, demoted, and even discharged.

STARRS recognizes that America is battling an enemy that has infiltrated our military and our service academies. As former service members, our oath to defend the Constitution has no expiration date—that’s why we’re leading the fight to eradicate radicalism from our armed forces.

We will overcome this enemy by building the capabilities and resources to engage the hearts and minds of Americans, particularly our next generation of officers and enlisted troops.

In this, we need your help. Our country needs patriots now more than ever. Educate yourself and those around you on the false promises of CRT and neo-Marxism. History shows where those promises lead. Refuse to stay on the sidelines—if you see something worth examining, contact us. We stand ready to help.

Take action: contribute your talents, your voice, and your funds. The fight against CRT will be the defining struggle of the 21st century. With your help, we can drive radical politics out of the military and restore our citizen soldiers to their primary purpose: to defend our Constitution and protect the American people.

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