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Lt Gen Rod Bishop interviewed on Audrey Russo’s REELTalk Radio

Audry Russo hosts Lt Gen Rod Bishop, STARRS Chairman of the Board, on her podcast. They discuss the radicalization of the US military academies and the military in general.

Gen Bishop describes recent examples of neo-Marxist indoctrination and how CRT started infiltrating the military after Congress established the Military Diversity Commission in 2008, and kicked in the after-burners based on President Obama’s Executive Order instituting Diversity and Inclusion Officers in all departments of the federal government in August 2011.

They also discuss the problems with the vaccine mandates, to include the infringement on service member rights, loss of troops, difficulties in recruiting and associated impacts on readiness.

Of particular interest is Gen Bishop’s discussion differentiating the COVID vaccine program from the Anthrax vaccine program. He also points out common characteristics of those facing discharge as Christian, conservative and critical thinkers.

The military needs the perspectives of these people to balance discussions and decisions to ensure the best outcome, as opposed to basing decisions on the limited view points of the one ideology.

Gen Bishop states: “Unity is our greatest strength, and it is made all the more greater because we are a diverse nation.”

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