Air Force Academy Marxism

Presentation to the USAF Academy Association of Graduates

STARRS Chairman of the Board, LTG Rod Bishop (USAF ret, USAFA ’74) and STARRS President COL Ron Scott, PhD (USAF ret, USAFA ’73) gave an important presentation on Friday, 12 March 2023 to the Board of the US Air Force Academy Association of Graduates about the dangers of Marxist-rooted Critical Race Theory/DEI ideology infecting the Academy.

Below is the text of the presentation and further below is a pre-recorded video of the text if you’d rather watch/listen. We welcome your comments and support regarding this: Contact Form

Opening Remarks by Lt Gen Bishop

Thank you for allowing Ron and me to represent a surprisingly large portion of our fellow graduates in articulating concerns regarding the AOG—that is, how many grads believe the AOG Board is not fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities. Personally, I think the issue is so insidious and seductive that this has happened without the Board even realizing it. Note I said a surprising number—125+ grads in only a day and a half of soliciting—and I was in Jury Duty for a day of that time.

And please note I said “our” AOG Board above. As we told Mike Gould a few weeks back, unlike disenchanted West Point grads, who have formed two different groups apart from their AOG, we would prefer to work with ours.

Our concern with our AOG Board is mainly one of fiduciary responsibility… which of course means following the Articles of Incorporation and other governing documents and representing ALL AOG members—certainly not just promoting what the Superintendent is being ordered to do from ideologues in Washington DC.

That said—the ideology issue is inextricably linked here—I think everyone in the room would say it is:

Wrong—for an Academy instructor to on the first day of class say “I am going to call you….White Boy 2, White Boy 1 is taller: all white boys look alike.”

Wrong— for an Academy instructor on the first day of class …to ask all the white cadets to give an example of their white privilege.

Wrong–for an instructor to be so political, in a leadership class of all classes, it causes a cadet to write in his end of course critique “my instructor needs to keep his political opinions to himself—I am at a military academy, not a liberal arts school.” And add in an email to me—“everyone I know is writing similar critiques.” The 18 year old cadets get it; the 40 year old Lt Col doesn’t.

Wrong— to indoctrinate basic cadets to the point two of them told us “If I heard ‘we need leaders of diversity’ –one more time, I was going to throw up” with the second cadet adding—” I felt like I was constantly being indoctrinated.”

Wrong— to introduce an element of fear (the cancel culture) for not accepting this indoctrination as expressed here by this female, minority cadet in an email: “Cadets here know what is going on is wrong but at the same time are too scared to speak up.”

Unfortunately, all of these things have occurred and ARE occurring at our Academy—they are a manifestation of how the CRT/DEI industrial complex and DEI Marxist-based culture have insidiously invaded USAFA. (500 + more examples across DoD)

As James Lindsay says, “Critical Race Theory (DEI) is as Critical Race Theory (DEI) Does.”

So where has the AOG Board been on all of this?

Well, I am going to leave it for Ron to address the specifics—but many grads think the AOG should not be a mouthpiece—or a platform– for only one viewpoint—and a Marxist one at that.

So let me leave you with this thought…

All of us here are united on one point and that is we want to preserve the heritage, traditions, and common values of the AFA. Where we are divided is how to best do that.

It seems like there are two types of grads—one group that loves and wants to protect USAFA by supporting the status quo and going along to get along. Keep our heads down. Don’t make any waves. Trust the system.

The other group loves and wants to protect USAFA but also wants to raise the bar by changing/fixing what is going wrong. Especially when fixing the wrong is living up to our oath.

The latter group has been called “extreme”, “off the reservation” and accused of spiking the football and losing our moral compass and integrity—all by fellow grads. Isn’t it interesting that the grads who are trying to keep USAFA apolitical and ideology-free are the ones called “extreme.”

We take comfort in knowing we are a voice for thousands of grads but especially for cadets who don’t like what they are experiencing.

We are guided by in-depth research and a great appreciation of the history and overall intent of this movement infecting our country and our military and informed by a network of some 40 cadets and an equal number of parents.

And there is no one better to explain and put this in context for all of you, than the guy who convinced me years ago of the dangers of remaining silent—someone who has a PHD in this discipline, someone who definitely understands as one best-seller book recently published calls it “The Battle for the American Mind.” Dr Ron Scott . . .

Slide Presentation by Dr. Scott

Based on sample evidence I will present on the next slide, we submit the Academy’s Association of Graduates is not following its Articles of Incorporation in terms of

  • Promoting a professional dialogue among its members because the pattern indicates more of a monologue
  • Perhaps in unwitting support of a political idea and organization

In doing so, the AOG is failing to advance its Bylaws mission to:

  • Produce an enduring commitment to excellence (which is merit), and
  • Promote the Academy’s heritage and our common traditions to support and defend the Constitution

The Constitution we swore to support and defend is a political idea.  How then, can the AOG, on behalf of its members, oppose and not support a political idea that threatens excellence, heritage, and common traditions rooted in our Constitution?

The next three slides present our case, followed by recommendations.

I will address four examples of evidence.

First Example

The special feature article in the December 2022 issue of Checkpoints was a blatant promotion of a political idea called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion justified by Critical Race Theory. Diversity is mentioned 18 times in an article that is supposed to be about Warfighting.

As I speak, there are 90 cadets trained as DEI officers and NCOs, who advance and enforce the political idea throughout the cadet wing, reporting to permanent party staff in a separate, but parallel chain of command.

In that article, General Martin states, “There are those who seem to think the Academy leadership selects cadets for leadership positions based on an equitable distribution rather than a merit-based process.”

To reveal the truth, we filed a Freedom of Information Act request (Case number 2022-00568-F) on November 11, 2021, asking for a breakout by race and gender of the leadership positions in the cadet wing.  No answer.  I point out that the law requires a response within 20 business days.

Second Example

The AOG sponsored a series of interviews giving the Superintendent a platform to promote his agenda—the first one promoted DEI—with no opposing view offered regarding the history, lineage or intent of this Marxist-based ideology.

Third Example

Prior to this, on September 27, 2022, the AOG released a letter from the Superintendent defending a set of Diversity & Inclusion Slides leaked to the media. The Superintendent blamed the cadets and claimed, “certain elements of the briefing were taken out of context and misrepresented.”  Yet, he nor the AOG did not attach the slides so graduates could decide for themselves.  One nationally known policy analyst called the explanation “dissembling.”  The slides are included in our supplementary documents.

Fourth Example

In the Summer of 2021, all entering cadets were issued a cartoon book by George Takei.

Given the Superintendent’s sensitivity to context, why would entering cadets be issued a misleading and politically oriented book?  To what extent does the message relate to a warfighter’s ethos or preparation?

To the contrary, the book’s message advances a dangerous pedagogy—CRT’s oppressors versus oppressed–and at a Service Academy no less.

USAFA doubled down and then tripled down on this political ideologue of an author with a convocation ceremony built around the book and an invitation to Takei to be the premier Guest Speaker at the 2022 NCLS.

Another FOIA request (Case Number 2021-03598-F) on this matter, dated July 2, 2021, remains unanswered.


There is a clearly established record that traces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, best described as a praxis of Critical Race Theory, to its Marxist roots.

Scholars of the Frankfurt School left Germany in the 1930s and found a home at Columbia University.  They masked their Marxist worldview as critical theory, which in time evolved as critical legal theory to justify social justice and then more broadly as critical race theory.  The common linkage throughout is the classification of oppressor and oppressed groups.

The Department of Defense became a Petrie Dish for the political idea when in the Fall of 2008, the Black Congressional Caucus successfully chartered the Military Leadership Diversity Commission in the Fiscal Year 2009 National Defense Authorization Act.

MLDC Issue Paper #9 in your supplementary documents file records the rationale and goal of the MLDC. The conclusion? People must understand that implementing these constructs will involve treating people unequally.

Then there are five Executive Orders of importance.

The first, which followed two years of MLDC development, was issued by President Obama in August 2011, establishing D&I staff across the federal government.

In September 2020, President Trump put a stop to the dangerous CRT/DEI political idea.  President Biden cancelled Trump’s effort and doubled down with three Executive Orders.

The irony here is that a multiple year below the zone Academy grad by the name of Matthew Lohmeier recognized the danger, worked his concerns up the chain-of-command, then filed an IG complaint only to have it dismissed the same day the base commander who disobeyed the Command-in-Chief’s cease and desist orders came out on the one-star list. Lohmeier was unceremoniously discharged after 15 years without benefits.  The colonel was rewarded despite ignoring the Executive Order.

Lohmeier’s concerns were published in a best-selling book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military.

During this time, the SECDEF also illegally suspended the Congressionally mandated Academies’ Boards of Visitors, and the President fired all Trump appointees.  A Board of Visitors lawsuit is still pending.

During this time the SECDEF also ordered a stand down in search of extremists.  Senator Wicker issued a press release critical of the stand down because it invested nearly 6 million man hours to identify fewer than 100 individuals engaged in extremist behavior.

Finally, it took a lawsuit by Judicial Watch to get a court to compel the Academy to produce records requested in two of our FOIAs, the first one was filed on October 12, 2020.  The heavily redacted documents revealed no racism as alleged by Lt Gen Silveria and showed the extent to which USAFA was going to indoctrinate the staff and faculty—and not just the cadets.

Let me now suggest the “so what”!

Others disagree with our concerns.  Yet, we contend that opposing a dangerous Marxist political ideology is pro, not anti, Academy.

Recently, a black, general officer graduate alerted us to the similarities between the CRT/DEI political movement and the 1930s Nazi Gleichschaltung doctrine.  A German term meaning coordination, Gleichschaltung was the process of Nazification that established a system of control over all aspects of German society from the economy and trade associations to the media, culture, and education.

Our oath is still important. Bearing “true faith and allegiance” compels us and other likeminded Americans to support and defend the Constitution against a domestic enemy—CRT and its euphemism, DEI.

Think about this:  Takei’s book was issued to every new cadet in the summer of 2021.  Were AOG resources used, directly or indirectly, to fund these books?  If so, this is support of a political idea.

Yet, to promote professional dialogue, grads offered to provide a copy of Lohmeier’s book to all cadets but was declined by the Superintendent.  No interest in balance.

The Long Blue Line offers a strong voice in this battle.   Should we remain silent?

We will be bold and suggest that silence equals tolerance of a political idea, and tolerance of a dangerous political idea is tantamount to approval.

Our recommendations are simple and straight forward.

First and foremost, comply with the existing Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws by:

Avoiding support of the Marxist ideological infiltration yet encouraging professional dialogue in a way to alert the membership of concerns about the ideology.  This is logical to promote excellence while also preserving our heritage and traditions.

Complement these efforts with greater transparency of any AOG resources (e.g., AOG member contact information for AF Academy Foundation solicitations) in support of the Academy leadership discretionary funds.

More broadly, we recommend no support for anything related to CRT/DEI as it runs counter to our bylaws to promote our heritage and common values. Marxism is neither of these.

Let me now offer some suggestions for AOG action.

To promote Academy excellence through merit and to preserve its heritage and traditions, we strongly encourage AOG leadership to resolve the dilemma regarding political ideas contrary to the Constitution.

More aggressively present graduate views on policy that appears contrary to our heritage and traditions.

Advance professional dialogue among AOG members to strengthen their voice in promoting excellence and preserving our heritage and traditions.

Publish views of prominent grads, such as two recent articles coauthored by General Fogleman.

Reconsider affinity groups that appear self-segregated and contrary to our national motto of E Pluribus Unum.

Finally, promote better transparency regarding AOG’s allocation of resources, on behalf of its members.

And ensure greater transparency on meetings between AOG leadership and Academy leadership on behalf of the AOG and its members.

I’ll now hand it back to General Bishop for closing remarks.

Closing Remarks by Lt Gen Bishop

The big picture reality we must face is that our Country is losing the most impactful culture war in our history. The war is between our Constitutional Republic and Socialism/Marxism—a battle of Equality, Meritocracy, and Colorblindness, AGAINST Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

In an open letter dated May 2021—two years ago–220 retired generals and admirals made this point by saying, “The greatest threat to our survival is ‘domestic’, not ‘foreign.’”

The threat is only greater today.

Those who believe this internal Socialism/Marxism movement is acceptable–fail to look at history; as that ideology–and the division it causes– lead to death and destruction.

Supporting this Marxist ideology is certainly not promoting “our common traditions and our heritage” as required by our by-laws.

The socialist and cultural neo-Marxists have won in the sense that they have succeeded in indoctrinating our educational system, our corporations, our media, our entertainment industry, our legal system, our medical system, our political system and, yes, even our military with CRT/DEI.

Along with this, they have managed to erase much of our traditional American values such as faith, freedom, and family.

Our history is being erased as statues and memorials are being torn down and historic names of military installations are being replaced with politically correct ones.

This war has included a sophisticated psyops campaign–and as in any psyops campaign, controlling the flow of information is key to success.

The AOG controls that information flow to our fellow graduates. Instead of being transparent and balanced and pro equality, meritocracy, and colorblindness–tried and true attributes that have served our military well–you are viewed by many as being pro Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, (again–a Marxist ideology given the data Ron presented.)

You have certainly been promoting, for example, an unprofessional monologue on this DEI by grads with a rudimentary, high earth orbit misunderstanding of DEI, seemingly completely divorced of any knowledge of what is happening “on the ground.”

The “professional dialogue” our Articles of Incorporation require have been ignored/censored as “too political.”

So here we are again—opposing politics and the injection of a leftist ideology are somehow “too political” while seemingly supporting the politicalization of USAFA and the injection of the ideology into it are apparently okay.

I have heard so many people say over the last few years—“when I took that oath of office, never did I ever give a second thought about the “domestic” word in “all enemies foreign and domestic.” Neither did I.

But here we are, the greatest threat to our survival as a Constitutional Republic is not “foreign” but rather “domestic” as the 220 retired generals and admirals have concluded.

So the AOG Board has a decision to make—you can lead our organization AGAINST the infusion of politics, AGAINST the injection of a Marxist ideology into our Academy, be a force for good in the world by helping educate graduates through some balance so they perhaps begin to understand the Marxist roots and intent of DEI.

Or you can keep doing what you have been doing—not allowing transparency or balance and promoting a political ideology and organization in violation of our governing documents through your silence and tacit and overt support.

Let’s take a stand FOR what is right and required and AGAINST the insidious toxic effects of DEI which run counter to our oath to support and defend against all enemies…including the domestic ones.

All it takes is for us to have some courage.


“Well done gentlemen. Keep up the great work. Bravo!” — USAFA Class of 1973

“Ron and Rod, just finished listening to your AOG brief. Outstanding and fact driven — my hats off to you both for attacking DIE with facts and logic. Keep hacking away at the roots of evil.”

“This was excellent, as well as many of the previous articles folks have written. Thanks for all you guys are doing! Do we have a similar presentation being created for USMA and the Naval Academy?” — retired US Army Colonel

“Fantastic report……..keep the pressure up !!!!!!!”

“Outstanding presentation.”

“STARRS is working to remind folks of the purpose of the Academy and not be drawn into supporting political and social movements contrary to producing leaders of character.”

“IMHO, Rod and Ron are 100% “spot on” in their thoughts, ideas and suggestions. I am anxiously waiting to learn of a response. Our beloved and previously very much respected USAFA is only a small part of our now woke government, that, sadly, includes the DOD. STARRS is surely on the precisely right track, being willing to fight the good, if highly difficult and frustrating, fight.”

“This outstanding presentation to the USAFA AOG BOD will, with time, have significant consequences within the military community as whole, in my opinion.”

“This is an excellent presentation. It is well researched and delivered with conviction. I’m curious about the reaction of the AOG Board to it. If the USAFA AOG Board is like the USMA AOG Board, it will be disregarded on the basis that the AOG has no influence over the curriculum offered at the Academy. The AOG exists only to raise funds to support the priorities established by the Superintendent. They care nothing about the opinions of graduates until we cut off funding.”

“Seems like the academies are coming apart, and few know or are concerned. Thanks for the great work by STARRS.”

“Excellent presentation – I hope they take it to heart and fix the problem.”

“I cannot express how angry I am about what is going on at USAFA. It is so bad I have essentially quit participating in all activities at the Academy, even though I live in Colorado Springs. I also refuse to donate any money to them. The Association of Graduates also appears to be powerless to affect any changes (or they are too political to speak up). I truly hate to say this, but the current superintendent is all in on this CRT stuff, but denies it anytime he is called on it.” –USAFA 1968

“All I can say is that the presentation is exemplary and what is happening at the academy is absolutely tragic and bizarre! The details are repulsive and truly sickening! We would not want any of our grandchildren to be involved in that “educational” curriculum, and I am sure that other patriotic families feel the same way. Given the fact that for all practical purposes WW III has begun, and considering the possibilities of what could happen, we need the best of the best. At this point, there is no reason for them to stay, much less join. So many veterans did not believe in the Vietnam War, but most went anyway and most served with honor. That is extremely difficult when the political environment violates personal integrity and the values a person of character holds dear. I think that if the draft is reinstated, there will be a different kind of uprising among people of character rather than a mass exodus to Canada. Honestly, is this awful push in our military now all that different from the ideology of the enemy? It does not appear to be to little old me. So, what reason is there for good people to risk their lives to maintain a WOKE philosophy that bleeds into every facet of our society?”

While AOG did not permit recording at the meeting, this was a dress rehearsal pre-recorded version of the above text.

Supporting documents given to Board (Large PDF, 83 MB)

Slide 2: Problem……….4

Slide 3: Evidence…… 58

  • Checkpoints Special Feature, December 2022 …. 59-65
  • FOIA Request Case Number 2022-0568-F, November 11, 2021….66-149
  • AOG-Sponsored Three-Part Interview with Lt Gen Clark, November 9 and 18, 2022, and December 8, 2022 ……150
  • Superintendent Letter to the Graduate Community, September 27, 2022 …. 151-152
  • The Leaked Diversity and Inclusion Slides …. 153-161
  • FOIA Request Case Number 2021-03598-F, July 3, 2021…..162-163

Slide 4: Did You Know?. . . Just Some Examples . . ….164

  • Heritage Foundation Background Paper on Critical Race Theory …..165-206
  • Military Leadership Diversity Commission Issue Paper Number 9 …….207-209
  • Executive Order 12583, President Obama, August 18, 2011…… 210-212
  • Executive Order 13950, President Trump, September 22, 2020 ……. 213-219
  • Executive Order 13985, President Biden, January 20, 2021 ……..220-224
  • Executive Order 14035, President Biden, June 25, 2021 …………225-235
  • Executive Order 14091, President Biden, February 16, 2023 ………..236-244
  • Matthew Lohmeier et al. Inspector General Complaint, November 18, 2020 (Dismissed January 7, 2021)…….. 245-252
  • Senator Wicker Press Release, February 15, 2022…….. 253-255
  • Judicial Watch Complaint on Stonewalled Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests, September 23, 2022…….. 256-261
  • FOIA Case Number 2021-00100-F, October 12, 2020……… 262-265
  • FOIA Case Number 2021-03174-F, June 9, 2021……. 266-267
  • Judicial Watch Press Release on USAF Academy Released Documents with a Link to the 167-Page Heavily Redacted Assessment, March 23, 2023 ….. 268-276

Slide 5: Implications…….277

  • Gleichschaltung Article Published by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum……… 278-283
  • R. R. Reno, “America’s Imperial Ideology,” First Things, May 2023 ………. 284-296
  • Communist Party Goals, Congressional Record, January 10, 1963………. 297-298
  • Communist Party USA Article by National Chair John Bachtell Taking Credit for the Blue Wave in the 2018 Midterm Elections ………… 299-309
  • Who Is John Bachtell?………… 310

Slide 6: Recommendations …………. 311

Slide 7: Suggested AOG Actions ………… 312

Slide 8: Suggested AOG Actions, Continued……324

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