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Courageous Book Exposes DoD’s Treachery During the COVID Crisis

By John Hughes, MD, USMA ’96
Veteran of Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan

President of MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates

Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines: A Story of Hope for Those Who Love Liberty
by Robert A. Green Jr. (US Navy Commander)

In the Spring of 1918, the first cases of influenza appeared at a remote military training camp in the US. By the end of World War I in November, almost 45,000 US soldiers had died from the flu. German General Ludendorf commented on October 17, 1918 that American forces “had not been up to its previous level…the Americans are suffering severely from Influenza.”

All of this occurred in a mere eight months and the fate of the free world hung in the balance in the Great War. The Spanish Flu was indeed a ‘pandemic’ and necessitated special measures for military victory.

Fast forward to 2020-2023. After three years, a total of 96 military service members died from COVID-19.

In 2020 there was no desperate imperative to send four million soldiers and Marines to Europe to save democracy from the Germans. In fact, the only war, in Afghanistan, had petered out and ended disastrously in August 2021, one year before President Biden declared the ‘pandemic’ over.

For some segments of the populations, it may have been a ‘pandemic,’ but for the military members, it was decidedly not. The word ‘crisis’ is more precise and descriptive.

US Navy Commander Robert A. Green, Jr. published his book Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines in July 2023. He courageously spotlighted the shameful, unpatriotic, and unnecessary actions of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the other US military leaders.

He tells the story that US admirals and generals don’t want told. For this, Green is nothing less than heroic:

“The Constitution is where an officer must place their primary obligation. This is done intentionally to ensure that if an officer’s duty to follow an order ever conflicts with their obligation to the Constitution and the laws established by it, the Constitution and the law must take priority every time.”

Green takes readers on a detailed deep dive into the legal questions behind the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ and the orders issued by DoD to force its members to take it.

He begins with a discussion into the foundation of America and the creation of the US Constitution. This deliberate prose sheds light on the reason the Constitution was written the way it was in order to protect Americans from tyranny.

Then, he explains in detail the legal actions that evolved over the past few decades that culminated in the denial of personal and religious freedoms from 2020-2022:

“We are still reeling from the various overreactions to the COVID-19 pandemic committed by governments, global leaders, and corporations. Many of these overreactions were exacerbated by media entities, presumably in search of higher ratings. Some of these governments, organizations, and entities seemed legitimate in their search for solutions; others apparently schemed to take advantage of the fear they stoked in the population.”

Conscious that the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ was to be developed and fielded before the safety profile was known, Green began to research the ‘vaccine’ and its legality. He also took a keen interest in actions the DoD would take.

In his brutally honest analysis, he is critical of both political parties, demonstrating that his literary action was not partisan—it was pro-Constitution.

When Pfizer received licensing for its Comirnaty vaccine in 2021, DoD was ready with orders for service members to receive the vaccine….or face consequences.

A pious man, Green objected to the vaccine on religious grounds as well and soon networked with other DoD service members who refused to be vaccinated.

It is at this point that Green’s book is invaluable. With a highly secretive military culture controlled through censorship and intimidation, very few Americans were aware of the goings-on within the DoD as commanders pressured subordinates to get the vaccine.

Humiliation, punishment, and outright disrespect were tools wielded mercilessly by military leaders.

Remember, 96 service members out of 1.1 million died, all before the vaccine mandate compliance date.

Green relates how past loyalty, service, and even combat sacrifice was inconsequential. Commanders demanded complete obedience to submit to the vaccination.

In one egregious case, he describes the self-destruction of a highly decorated combat veteran Navy SEAL:

“Leadership even removed the unvaccinated SEALs’ badge access to their own building. They had to wait outside for building access. If permitted to enter their own building, these warriors, who had already sacrificed so much for their country, would have to endure the insult of being escorted like an untrusted foreign visitor. For nearly a year, Daniel endured this treatment, ever unsuccessful in leaving the military as he desired. Then, on September 17, 2022, Daniel was found dead by apparent suicide.”

Facing legal challenges of his own, Green networked and organized defenses. Miraculously, Green was able to resist the vaccine and still remain on active duty.

While the COVID ‘pandemic’ has ended, the troubling military regime that concocted and brutally enforced the contentious mandate is still in power.

Ended only by a Congressional budget order, the mandate was never rationally and publicly debated by DoD leaders. Vicious and unconstitutional actions like it will undoubtedly be ordered in the future.

Green’s book is a must read to understand the mandate’s true evil and the disastrous effects it had on military service members’ freedom and national security.

Retired Navy Captain Brent Ramsey also wrote a review on Green’s book that can be found on the STARRS website.

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