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Board Of Directors Spotlight: Ken Battle

Ken Battle is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant with 33 years of service.  He served as the Maintenance Group Chief Enlisted Manager, providing staff support to the 315th Maintenance Group.

He was appointed by Gov. Nikki Haley to the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs in July 2015 and reappointed by Gov. Henry McMaster in June 2018.  He is the current Board Chair and represents the 1st Congressional District.  The commission serves as the single point of contact for the state’s minority population and provides programs designed to support the state’s minority community needs.

Ken is the Advisory Board Chair for the Economic Continuity Alliance (ECA) which has the mission to create continuous sustainable economic opportunities for African American businesses by eliminating barriers through providing resources, training, and access to capital.  ECA is a membership-based organization, provides supportive services to increase the number of African American start-ups, and strengthens existing minority owned businesses preparing them to compete and excel.

Ken is also on the board, and elected secretary, of the Exchange Club of Charleston.  The club has operated a Fair continually in Charleston County since 1924.  Through its fundraising, the Fair has provided millions of dollars to hundreds of charities.  The club’s donations benefit thousands of our citizens and make the Low Country a better place to live and work.

Ken was appointed Vice Chair of the Charleston Advancement Academy (CAA) in April 2019.  CAA is a tuition free public charter high school.  Partnering with the South Carolina Public Charter School District, its mission is to help young adults overcome real life challenges and earn their South Carolina state-issued High School Diploma.

Ken recently accepted a position on the board of Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services (STARRS).  The vision is to unify and inspire ALL Americans to acquire a deep understanding our unique heritage and to develop a lasting love for their country by embracing its North Star, America’s founding principles.

Ken was the founder, and then elected President in 2018, of the Mentor Exchange Club of Charleston.  As President he worked within the Low Country community to exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals, coaching and instructing them on how to better serve their communities.  Helping People…Changing Lives.

Ken was the founder and President of Charleston Communities for Liberty, a community outreach organization, from June 2013 to June 2014.  The organization was devoted to the ministry of assisting minority youth find gainful employment.  Ken willingly took on numerous speaking engagements across the state, teaching the value of education.

Ken was an elected President of the Summerville Dorchester Museum in 2014 where he coordinated events and fostered community inclusiveness.  Accomplishments included coordinating crowd control and security at the museum for the arrival of the “Best Friend of Charleston”, the historic train replica, built in the 1920s and valued at $750,000 owned by the City of Charleston.

Ken Battle is married to the former Denise M. Hawkins of Washingtonville, NY, has two sons, and four grandchildren

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