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The Diversity Lie

The diversity lie helps neither the unqualified person, for whom it is intended, nor the person whose earned place has been sacrificed.

From “The Deceit and the Truth of Strength in Diversity” by Jeff Utsch:

“. . . . Strength may just appear in diversity, but there is no cause-effect.  The way it is being defined today is bogus.

Look at the best athletic teams in our country. Do they hire based on diversity? Do the LA Lakers?

How about the Pittsburgh Steelers? Boston Red Sox? That is what makes them strong, right? That’s how they win championships, correct?

How much diversity, based on the criteria above, are the Chinese looking to incorporate into their military? The Russians?

Are they quaking because of the strength we accumulate because we have access to a greater cross-section of society, as we define it?

America’s first national motto was “E Pluribus Unum,”  Out of Many One.

What did our Founders mean? In three words, they meant one in vision.

The basis of any great team is a common vision.

Yes, there can be differences in the path to get to greatness, as there were with the Federalists and Anti-Federalists at our founding. But, the end goal, or goal-line, so to speak, is the same.

Each of these great professional teams plays to win. Without that vision or common goal, their parts will not be as strong as a whole.

This is, of course, the union of strength in diversity with E Pluribus Unum. Both can be correct.

Everyone who joins the Pittsburgh Steelers does so to win and both submits to, and adopt, the team vision.

Each player also brings his unique talent. Not everyone can be quarterback or tight end. Yet, each player has his spot on the team vital to a communal effort to achieve collective good.

Yes, there is strength in the diversity of talents.

These talents have nothing to do with race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. This is one reason our military has accomplished so much.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, how you identify, your skin color or your faith.  

It just doesn’t matter. Beautiful.

Here’s what does matter:

How good are you at your job?

What skills do you bring to the table and how can they help us further our mission?

Can you get along with others?

Sacrifice what is necessary to win?

Are you willing to subordinate personal interests to those in command?

This is what matters.

We all know it, and yet go along with this diversity ruse out of guilt or capitulation to lots of yelling. Well, this type of thinking is going to get people killed.

The diversity lie helps neither the unqualified person, for whom it is intended, nor the person whose earned place has been sacrificed.

We should pity before celebrating the diversity hire, for he or she will never know for sure.

Pity, too, the replaced worker who, booted from his qualifications, will never attain his or her potential.

Wake up, America.

Time for common sense to prevail. The worse kind of delusion is that of self.

First published on Town Hall

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