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Army sent letters to soldiers separated for vaccine refusal asking them to come back

Soldiers who were forced out of the Army for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine have received letters with instructions on how to rejoin, as the service faces its toughest recruiting environment in a generation.

“As a result of the rescission of all current COVID-19 vaccination requirements, former soldiers who were involuntarily separated for their refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination may request a correction of their military records,” according to a letter signed by Brig. Gen. Hope Rampy, Army Director of Personnel Management.

It also instructs soldiers looking to return to service to contact an Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard recruiter. It was not immediately clear to an Army spokesperson if soldiers who rejoin would return to their former unit or MOS.

The letter, circulated on social media and confirmed by the Army as authentic to Task & Purpose outlines the steps soldiers can take to correct their military records through the Army Discharge Review Board or the Army Board for Correction of Military Records.

In October, CNN reported that only 43 of over 8,000 troops across the entire military had been discharged for refusing the vaccine and showed interest in rejoining. As of September, 19 soldiers returned to active duty, according to the Army.

. . . . The Army separated 1,903 active duty soldiers for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination during the nearly year and a half it was mandatory, the service said. Letters were sent to approximately 1,900 troops, according to an Army spokesperson.

“This was specifically as part of the COVID mandate recession process,” said Army spokesperson Bryce Dubee, referring to policy that was passed in last year’s annual defense policy bill. . . . . (read more on Task & Purpose)

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Army Scrambling to Get Back Soldiers It Kicked Out over Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate (Breitbart News, 18 NOV 23)

The Army now appears to be trying to bring back into service soldiers it kicked out over the Biden administration’s policy to remove servicemembers who rejected the coronavirus vaccine mandate, according to a letter from the Army several former soldiers posted online.

The letter, addressed to “Former Service Member,” states that there is new Army guidance that would correct military records of those kicked out, which would enable those who were removed and had their DD-214s marked with a certain code barring them from reentering service to be able to return.

Sam Shoemate, a retired Army chief warrant officer 2 who fought the mandate, and one of the administrators of military watchdog website Terminal CWO, posted a copy of the letter on X:

. . . . . Brad Miller, a former soldier who was punished over the mandate and resigned from the Army, also said he received a letter and called on the Army to compensate soldiers who were punished and kicked out or otherwise resigned due to the mandate.

He wrote:

Many have seen this letter. I just got mine. When I resigned from the Army, it was clear DoD was breaking the law (and senior leaders were likely engaged in treason).

Why doesn’t the Army ask me if I want my resignation converted into a retirement dated with the release date of this new policy, and along with it offer compensation for the command I was wrongly relieved of, compensation for the remainder of whatever my career might have been, and then offer me my adjusted pension from this month forward? Then offer the same to all others similarly wronged.

DoD can’t fix itself. It’s run by officers whose loyalty is in question, and they’re in turned [sic] led by Cabinet & Administration level officials whose loyalty is assuredly un-American.

. . . . (read more on Breitbart News)

The US Army is having a hard time recruiting. Now it’s asking soldiers dismissed for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine to come back. (Business Insider)
The US Army is having such a difficult time recruiting that it’s sending soldiers who were kicked out for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 instructions on how to rejoin.

What People Are Saying

(comments on this letter from different articles, social media)

“It is a sign of growth to admit one’s mistakes. They might have to offer a little more to sweeten the deal though. Keep in mind, most of these guys have moved on and have jobs, and those are the type of guys the Army wants.”

“This lame attempt to get soldiers to return is akin to a cheating husband telling his abused wife that he forgives her and wants her back. If she has any sense, she’ll run. Trust is not easily restored.”

“As the saying goes hindsight is 20-20, but when I look in the rearview mirror what I see is an abject failure of leadership. I mean how could anyone who let this happen to their Joes without uttering a peep still call themselves leaders?”

“Our (true) Marine was informed of the opportunity to return, but one of the stipulations was that he had to get three letters of recommendation!!! So his absolutely perfect record prior to his unlawful discharge means nothing! He would rather keep his “general under honorable” discharge and lose his career than subject himself to their woke tyranny. Until they punish and replace the current woke leadership, they aren’t going to have access to real American men without a draft.”

“So, after persecuting these Soldiers for refusing to take a toxic vax, they’re finally getting around to offering a lame compromise? They should have never had this happen in the first place.”

“I hope those soldiers who were treated like garbage, and thrown away, tell the Army/Government where to go. This is one of the reasons the Army, and the other branches cannot get recruits, so they reaping the rewards of their stupidity.”

“Who will return after they way they were treated? I wouldn’t …”
“A lot if not a majority will. They are a principled group steadfast in their conviction, very possibly leadership that is better than the established leadership.”

“ANOTHER wrong made right. The military owes MORE than a return to service for those who volunteer despite the shabby treatment they received.”

“Not happening. I have one grandson and two nephews who won’t be going back. COVID was only part of it. The stance that the military is taking on promoting based on “equity” rather than based on skills and experience is enough to keep them away.”

“The headhunters call me at least three times a week to beg me to come back to Aviation ….. Should have thought about the big picture two years ago. I am doing just fine off the official payroll . I keep more of MY money also.”

“I loved my service, they forced me to retire over the death jab. My son is a marine.”

“Any man who signs up again, back under the thumb of those very same generals who were so eager to vaxx them before, and who have not changed now.”

“But make no mistake, the woke crew is still in charge. They just suddenly realized, even though they still ‘want Dylan Mulvaney, they need Rambo.”

“Traditionally, it has been young white males with a majority coming from the southern states. Still with a strong sense of patriotism and love of country, they have always been the backbone of America’s military. This white majority in our military services the Democrats see as racist, wrongly assuming there would be an equal number of black military members if there were no racism involved in recruiting. Ignoring the fact it is an all-voluntary military service willing to take anyone who meets the physical requirements and a certain level of education. There is no racism involved in military recruitment. The American military was basically color-blind until Democrats took over and put in place their goal of “equity” and “inclusion” with equal numbers of white, black and brown service members. In order to achieve that goal it would be necessary to limit the number of white males in the military. Democrats decided what percentage of white males would be allowed and the campaign against white males soon followed. Of particular concern, they seemed to see the number of white pilots as another example of overt racism. It is not education, training, competence or motivation, it is all about race.”

“”Dear Former Service Member”? I’m a retired Marine but at least when they contact me, it has my name and rank on the envelope. They couldn’t be bothered to at least address the people they wronged by their names? How about a little bit of “you were right, we were wrong”? That might go a long way.”

“This corporate-owned “government” has shown nothing but contempt to those brave men and women who have willingly pledged their lives, if necessary, to defend our country. The DoD uses our soldiers, sailors, airmen, “spacemen”, and marines as their very own playground for experimentation in left-wing social justice and gender confusing policies. I strongly warn anybody considering military service under current conditions and policies to look elsewhere.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. Between the Pentagon’s cowardice during the Afghanistan pullout, the brass’s embrace of Marxism and bigotry through CRT and DEI, this illegal vax mandate, and the fact there have been dozens of attacks on US installations with no response. In fact the administration is trying to give $10B USD to the Iran on top of the $6B they just gave two months ago. It is very obvious neither the disgraceful military leaders and its civilian administrators have any interest in taking care of their service members. Glad I got out when I did…”

“I am glad I retired when I did also. Twenty-four years active duty in the Army. Retired a few months before Biden took over and received my flag and letter from Trump. I come from a military family from all branches. Men in my family are encouraged to serve. But honestly right now nobody in my family is pushing for my cousins or nieces and nephews to join. They are being encouraged to stay away and go into the trades and learn some skills.”

“It really is tragic is has come to this. We have had someone in the family serve in every war since the Mexican American war. Not so much a history of career service, but definitely volunteering when the balloon went up. Have a couple of nieces and nephews in ROTC programs in college. I tell them it’s their choice, but it won’t be the same, and you have to watch your back these days, you’re on your own in many ways we were not. Like yourself, I certainly can’t encourage it like I used to…”

“Why would a white guy want to enlist in an organization that blames every ill in the world on them? That spits in the eye of all those white guys that came before and calls them filthy names? This veteran will encourage our youth to stay away from the military until the military stops with the “We hate white people” nonsense.”

“I would get my DD 214 corrected, but I would not re-enlist. You can’t trust a military who has acted as badly as ours did during this trumped up pandemic with a fake vaccine. There is nothing to stop the brass from doing it again. I would not recommend a military career to anyone today. It’s too woke and more concerned with pronouns than they are with combat training.”

“LOYALTY!!! Look at that word. Loyalty, something the Army apparently does not understand is a two-way street. You crap on your loyal people and then expect them to come running back when you tell ’em to? It all sounds like a scheme by some Pentagon big shot who, like most of them there, hasn’t got a clue about leadership.”

“What sane person would want to serve in the military under this inept administration hellbent on starting WWIII.”

“The overwhelming majority of those soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen are NOT putting those uniforms back on. They were screwed over and know it would just be a matter of time until the current leftist administration did it to them again. And I don’t blame them one bit. I’m a military “retiree” who completed 21 years of honorable service, and am thankful that I was able to retire before all that madness took place. If the US Army needs folks so bad, why don’t they get their precious DEI Gen-Zs to join up?”

“I served twenty-seven years, retiring in 2012. This country is not the same now as when I enlisted, and neither is the military. Unfortunately.”

“My friend’s son joined the Army during the covid lockdown hysteria. He was always going to be in some computer related field after basic training ( he’s in intelligence now) but he was really looking forward to playing with guns and ammo during basic training, because he knew he wouldn’t have a chance later. Instead, he said they sat “criss-cross applesauce”, and were lectured about diversity, inclusion, white supremacy, pronouns, and other wokeness. This is not how you build a strong military.”

“It’s one thing to kick them out of the military. That was wrong and then gave them a dishonorable discharge. That is the biggest slap in the face and destruction of their lives and family’s lives. It is unbelievable, the incompetence of the people running our military and government.”

“In Georgia we are surrounded by family members who have made careers and served for generations. Now all are out of the military. Fill all those slots with your soy boy trans freaks. Let them catch the bullets”

“The scary thing about this is the people who were booted out, were probably the very kind of soldiers we need. With this world in turmoil, we have a bunch of weak, woke leaders……and our enemies know it.”

“No white kid in his right mind would ever want to enlist in any of the military branches. It’s a dead end if you’re intelligent, white, Christian, male and straight. With the removal of our borders, we no longer have a country to defend. Place your kids in harm’s way to defend third world squatters and for a government that has declared its intent to destroy our culture and history? Not happening in my family.”

“I would respectively tell the DoD and Army to go pound sand!!!! What an absolute show of disrespect! You railroaded all these fine soldiers and booted them out because they were brave enough to resist unproven and experimental vaccines. You have now been dealing with vast shortages of new recruits and our military is now becoming unequipped and undermanned to face the growing threats ahead of us. I wouldn’t trust a single word from these goons. They’ll promise the moon to get you to reenlist, but would dump you again for similar reasons, if it came to it again. No, screw the DoD, just as they screwed all of you. Let this be a lesson…the government doesn’t care about you. When you sign up, you are their property, their tool. When they have no further use, for whatever reason, woke cause, etc., they will get rid of you.”

“At this point people who had the brains to leave due to mandates are likely smart enough to see the military and our government can no longer be trusted.”

“This is part of why, despite my ten years, I actively advocate against people joining the military now.”

“As a retired Army officer, I can say that let’s hope we don’t have to be involved in another major military operation like Iraq or Afghanistan. Their lack of leadership and moral courage is on display for the entire world to see with what they did to our soldiers. If I were in these soldiers shoes, I’d tell them in no uncertain terms I have lost complete faith in Army leadership.”

“Has anyone wondered why the military was so determined to inject all their soldiers with a bio-weapon they knew would sicken, damage and kill them?”

“As a combat veteran during the Viet Nam era I have encouraged many young people that had no vision for their own future to join the service. There isn’t a chance I would suggest that now, and I don’t believe I’m the only vet out here that thinks the way I do. If you consider the number of vets we have in society, if even half of them no longer recommend young people join the military, that alone would or could account for a large drop in the numbers of enlistments.”

“No thanks, Go get a good army tent and pitch it in L.A. and get ready for the future !!! I was a Marine for 10 years (PROUD) ,I would never consider it today ,when I saw that service member hold that china flag the other day all my hope
seeped out of my soul!”

“I think of my uncle, dead at 20, buried in North Africa since 1942. He died to preserve the republic and we all have honored his memory, respecting his sacrifice, my grandmother always remembering her brother. Now, I have 5 sons and I will not let them serve nor would I cooperate with them being drafted to go die for these criminals that have stolen this country….”

“f non-military readers THINK the recruitment problem today is ALL about the Vaccine Mandate, you are totally WRONG.
Many of us left (separated or, in my case retired) back in the ‘90s when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was mandated, has gone down hill with the relaxed physical requirements, WOKE agenda, reduced state drug policies making many new recruits ineligible for military service and then threatening military members with the illegal FDA mandated COVID vaccine acceptance that was promoted by the WOKE defense department (lowercase intended) and you have the icing on the problem cake.
You don’t have to read between the lines as to why we have a military recruitment or retention problem… it is clearly spelled out by our politically motivated high ranking military leadership who would do anything, and I mean anything, for a promotion or retirement purposes at the highest level. Just look at the number of high ranking military members relieved of duty over the last 15 years because they did not believe in or would not follow the political agenda leading to the military problems we have today… and the surprising fact many do not realize its that it is politically intentional.”

“These were the intelligent and the free who left. They made the right decision. They will not return to where they were humiliated by those who don’t love freedom and embrace socialism like todays army.”

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