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‘Woke’ U.S. Military Recruitment Video vs China

(CBN News) The U.S. Army’s latest recruitment ad features a soldier who tells about her “two moms” and features their same-sex wedding. In Gary Lane’s latest commentary, he compares the army’s woke recruitment ad to one produced by China’s Peoples Liberation Army. “It’s time the Pentagon Stop this nonsense before it’s too late.”

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People’s comments on the video on YouTube:

“Both ads are effective in their own way. The Russian ad makes me want to join the Russian military. The American ad also makes me want to join the Russian military.”

“USA: Emma has two moms. Russia: Igor has two guns.”

“I’m from Russia. And I sleep well knowing that Emmy is serving in the US Army.”

“As a former Russian Army paratrooper I can confirm that what you see in the Russian Army recruitment video is exactly what’s happening in the army. And I know that there are some very good elite forces in US Army (we studied them while in army), no disrespect at all…The reality is America is going nowhere in the last few decades, while Russian Army gets better and better… Anyway, believe or not, russian people are peaceful and respectful and without any doubts against war.”

“I’m British and the ad made me feel like we might be able to take back the 13 colonies after all.”

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