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After Supreme Court victory, anti-affirmative action group turns to military academy exemption

The group that took its case against affirmative action in college admissions to the U.S. Supreme Court and won is seeking to end an exemption for military schools, the founder of Students for Fair Admissions said on Thursday.

Edward Blum’s group launched its new campaign with a website called West Point Not Fair on which it asks: “Were you rejected from West Point? Or the Naval Academy or the Air Force Academy?

“It may be because you’re the wrong race.”

The group is using the site to collect the names, contact information and stories of people who were rejected by West Point, the Naval Academy or the Air Force Academy or who are planning to apply to those institutions.

Blum said in an interview that people who respond could be possible litigants in any suit by Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA).

Blum said he hopes the military academies will clarify in the next few weeks whether they would continue to use race and ethnicity as admissions factors.

“If they intend to continue using race and ethnicity as a factor, then it is very likely that litigation will follow,” he said.

Officials at the academies have told Reuters they would continue to use race as a factor while awaiting guidance from the Department of Defense, which has said it is considering the court decision and could not say when it would issue guidance.. . . . . (read more on Reuters)

****STARRS NOTE: Students and their parents who because of their non-acceptance by a service academy who may have interest in becoming a member of Students For Fair Admissions may wish to be aware of their individual interests (e.g., privacy) and the need for protection of such interests should they do so. Those potential interests may vary depending on an individual’s circumstances.

A STARRS-affiliated attorney and West Point graduate, Scott McQuarrie (President of Veterans for Fairness and Merit), is familiar with the contemplated litigation’s circumstances and available to discuss same confidentially and at no cost to the student/parents. He can be reached at

West Point, Naval Academy may be next battleground for affirmative action fight: ‘Unfair and unconstitutional’ (Fox News, 4 AUG 23)
. . . . SFFA acknowledged that differences in race and heritage are “respected” but should not be a factor in “admissions policies.”

“As many retired military leaders have observed, the culture of the armed services requires that each warfighter see fellow warfighters as totally committed teammates, where race, ethnicity and heritage, while respected, do not matter.”

A Naval Academy Public Affairs spokesperson told Fox News Digital in a statement that race was a “non-determinative” factor in admissions.

“[A]ll candidates are evaluated using a holistic approach that includes many different factors and considerations associated with each applicant’s individual record. Historically, race has been one of many non-determinative factors (such as geographic and socio-educational backgrounds, work experience, STEM interest/propensity, etc.) considered when holistically evaluating candidates for appointment consideration.”

A defense official also responded to the news in a statement.

“The Department is evaluating the implications of the Court’s decision. We rely on a pipeline of highly qualified American patriots from all walks of life and all backgrounds, which is crucial for our national security. Secretary Austin and the DoD remain deeply committed to developing a strong, highly qualified officer corps that is ready to lead a 21st-century military that draws on the full strength of the American people. Our service academies will keep working to educate the next generation of military leaders so that they can lead our increasingly diverse Joint Force.”

West Point and the Air Force Academy did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

From the website West Point Not Fair:

Were you rejected from West Point?

Or the Naval Academy or the Air Force Academy?

It may be because you’re the wrong race.

Or are you a high school senior and plan to apply to any of these service academies?

Gaining admission to West Point is tough. Not only must an applicant have superior academic accomplishments, one must be in excellent physical shape, and receive an appointment from a U.S. senator or member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

But West Point, as well as the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy, uses an applicant’s race and ethnicity as a factor in admissions. That’s unfair and unconstitutional.

We are Students for Fair Admissions—the membership group that recently won a major Supreme Court victory in our lawsuits against Harvard and the University of North Carolina. You can read our press release about the Supreme Court opinion here.

We are committed to ending these practices at America’s military service academies.

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