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STARRS Leadership Talks Service Academy Vax Mandates

L. Todd Wood interviews STARRS President, Lt Gen Rod Bishop (Ret), Dr Scott Sturman, and attorney Mike Rose about the history and reasons behind the military’s vaccine mandates and the facts that led the STARRS Board of Directors to decide the mandate, and how its being enforced, is radical.

A major point Dr Sturman makes is that there is still a lot we don’t know about the long term impacts of the vaccines, especially for the young and pregnant women.

Since the risk of serious complications due to COVID infections in youth and young adults is almost non-existent, why should they be forced to take the emergency use authorized (EUA) vaccines?

Note: the military is only using EUA versions since neither of the fully approved versions are available in the US.

He also points out that we now know the vaccines enter the central nervous system and brain; something that was not known when the EUAs were granted.

They also discuss the status of legal actions in support of cadets facing discharge due to sincere religious beliefs, what STARRS is doing to help them, and how you can help!

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