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STARRS Leadership Spotlight: Rod Bishop, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret)

Lieutenant General Rod Bishop retired from active duty in August 2008 after 34 years of service in the United States Air Force. His last assignment was as Commander, 3rd Air Force, United States Air Forces in Europe, Ramstein AB, Germany, where he oversaw all American air and space activities in the 93 countries in Europe and Africa.

Following many and varied operational flying assignments early in his career in which he served as an aircraft commander, instructor pilot and flight examiner in various aircraft, General Bishop held many key positions throughout the United States Air Force where he commanded airmen at every operational level including two Squadrons, an Operations Group, an Airlift Wing, a Numbered Air Force and Air Command, Europe while also completing numerous strategic Air Force and Joint assignments throughout the Department of Defense.

General Bishop was the Director of Planning and Policy at US SOUTHERN Command, Miami, FL, and when promoted to Major General he became the Deputy Combatant Commander, assisting in the oversight of all US military activities in the 32 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

General Bishop has a BS degree in Engineering Management from the USAF Academy (graduating with the Class of 1974), an MS degree from the University of Southern California in Systems Management and two Masters Degrees in National Security Studies from the Naval War College and the National War College. His overseas operational/combat experience includes DESERT STORM, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, (Air War over Serbia in which he served as the DIRMOBFOR) and Haiti.

During the 2 years immediately following retirement, General Bishop served as a Senior Mentor to the United States Air Force. He was formerly a consultant to EADs and a Senior Advisor to National Air Cargo. He has served on the Board of National Air Cargo Holdings, Inc and other boards.

It was his love and devotion to the Air Force and our country that led him, and a handful of other USAFA grads, to question the military’s drift into the detrimental philosophy of identity politics and its support of the Marxist ideology infecting our nation.

STARRS was formed to further this mission of keeping our military “politics free” and educate Americans on the dangers of this Marxist invasion. He would tell you, this is the most important mission of his life.

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