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Subversion of the US Constitutional Republic: KGB Yuri Bezmenov Interviews

By Capt. Joseph R. John, US Navy ret, USNA ‘62
Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress

In the above video KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, who defected from a life in Russia as an important Russian Communist Party Government operative, “warns” Americans of the “long term” cultural subversion of the United States that began by Communists in 1929 and is still underway.

After a long service with the Russian Communist Party, Yuri was posted by his Soviet Communist leaders to India, to work on converting Indians to Communism. After living in India for many years and experiencing the freedoms accorded the general population, Yuri lost interest in Communism and defected to the West.

The video is a compilation of Yuri Bezmenov’s lectures in Canada in which he explains the long and steady subversion of the United States by Russia’s Committee for State Security, the KGB (a terror and espionage organization that operated within the Soviet Union during the twentieth century).

He explains in his lectures that it takes an extremely long time to convert a country to Communism, but it progresses steadily, and makes consistent progress.

The subversion of the United States has been steady and continuing with the considerable help of the US Communist Party (founded in 1929), Marxists, Social Democrats, Progressives, and other US Domestic Enemies.

The subversion began with the indoctrination, and the conversion of liberals in the United States who were steeped in Marxist philosophy.

A small core group of liberals who were indoctrinated, and converted to Marxism, eventually trained, and converted other liberals, leftists, Progressives, and Socialists to Communism.

Americans in various areas of society were eventually indoctrinated in Marxism and Communism.

The Marxist and Communist indoctrination and subversion has been underway in earnest since the end of WWII and has been unrelenting for over 75 years.

The Marxist philosophy has been subtly included in grammar school and college textbooks; the goal was to begin the subversion and indoctrination of the impressionable minds of America’s youth.

The Communist and Marxist indoctrination programs expanded to destabilize the faith in the American family unit, in the Judeo/Christian religions (Communists even promotes the dishonest teaching that the Catholic Church and Communism can coexist), and the indoctrination included degrading wholesome family programs on national TV and in the movies.

Communists, Marxist, Social Democrats, and Progressives opposed the teaching of the accurate and truthful US history to students in public schools and colleges; the Marxists and Communists worked against support for various patriotic programs in America.

Leftist in academic circles, left leaning Hollywood liberals, and the leftist media establishment subtly promoted the belief that it was unfashionable to support America’s Patriotism.

Since 2008, Communists, Marxists, Social Democrats, Progressives, and other Domestic Enemies have actively promoted a national program to destabilize the tranquility of the United States by creating conflict between the races, and instigating race riots and looting in large Socialist Democrat run cities.

The Biden/Obama administration is doing nothing to stop the racial conflict, but on the contrary incite racial conflict by indoctrinating and brainwashing University students, members of the US Armed Forces, Federal Employees, the Cadets and Midshipmen in the five US Service Academies, and students in public schools in Black Lives Matter (it is a racially inciting Marxist created philosophy).

The Biden/Obama administration promote the belief that the source of the conflict in the United States is from White Supremist who they say are responsible for stoking racial conflict.

Yet Obama, Soros, Social Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, and Communists knows the racial conflict griping the United States is the long-term Communist plan to destabilize the United States and help turn the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.

This video of Yuri Bezmenov’s interview is rather lengthy, but it verifies the long-term subversive activities by Communists, Marxist, and Progressives, which has been underway in earnest within the United States for over 30 years.

The current massive criminal violations in major Socialist Democrat controlled cities that go on unpunished has contributed to the current conflicts within metropolitan centers.

Conflicts in the United States are being severely aggravated by the Biden/Obama administration’s open border policy allowing over 7 million Illegal Aliens from 161 countries, including Radical Islamic Terrorists on the No-Fly List, over 400,000 Communist Chinese Military males, convicted criminal convicts, and MS-13 gang members to invade the United States.

First published on Combat Veterans for Congress

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