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SEALs Beat Biden Part 1: Tip of the Spear

Part One of the new documentary, SEALs Beat Biden, has now been released. Watch it for free by going to the documentary’s official website.

It’s a must watch and very concerning how military members were treated to force them to take the illegal vax. Also who they targeted first: those who were the tip of the spear of the military. It was inspiring that so many Navy SEALs stood up against this and in turn inspired others to do so. Part 2 will be released in December.


SEALs Beat Biden tells the story of how several brave service members, led by a group of Navy SEALs, stood up against the unlawful vaccine mandate and the woke Biden agenda destroying our military, risking their careers to protect American freedom.

Starting with the unlawful vaccine mandates, these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Coast Guardsmen saw how leftist ideology from the upper ranks was quickly corrupting the integrity of our armed forces.

They took an oath to protect the Constitution, so they stood to honor that oath and protect our liberties.

This is the first glimpse into the battle that ultimately overturned the vaccine mandates for our military.

While the Biden administration is still actively pushing a woke leftist ideology on our service members, affecting over 250,000 troops and their families, the mandate overturn was a massive victory and provided a glimmer of hope for the trajectory of both our armed forces and our country as a whole.

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