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STARRS Mike Rose joins Sen. Graham standing against mandatory military C19 vaccine

STARRS’ Executive Vice President of Legal Affairs, General Counsel Michael Rose joined Senator Lindsey Graham at a press conference to discuss their strong disagreement with mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for military service members and recruits.

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‘Ill-conceived policy’: Sen. Graham stands against mandatory military COVID-19 vaccine (ABC 4 News, 9 Dec 22)

“I think it makes zero sense to discharge qualified men and women who, in good conscience, refused to take a vaccine that does not stop infection or transmission. I think the military is in a state where less people want to join it,” Senator Lindsey Graham said during a press conference.

Graham argued he finds it odd that America has roughly four million illegal immigrants come across the border unvaccinated and get sent across the country by the government’s hand, but military service members who are willing to get shot for the country can no longer serve because they refuse to take the “shot.”

That’s a stupid policy. That’s a dumb policy. And that policy is going to come to an end next week,” Graham backfired.

Senator Graham said the number of recruits is decreasing due to the mandate, which is set to be repealed next week.

Mike Rose, an attorney who challenged the Biden Administration COVID-19 vaccine policy in federal court and former South Carolina Senator, joined Senator Graham for the press conference.

Rose said he’s been fighting against this mandate for a year or so in two respects, litigation and education.

According to Rose, there are dozens if not hundreds of lawsuits against the mandate, one in Charleston known as the Clements case. Rose has challenged the legality of this case.

Rose hopes the seven Coast Guard cadets discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine will be reinstated in January.

Rose also works with an organization called STARRS, which helps push back on the mandate. . . . . (read more)

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