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Gen. Dunford doesn’t get it

Retired Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the 19th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Obama, recently wrote an op-ed on Fox News titled, “America’s veterans can inspire the next generation to serve.” He talks about the ‘puzzling’ recruitment crisis and thinks that military veterans should be more out in the community actively encouraging young people to serve in the military.

Wonder if he will look at the comments on his article:

“The article said: “We must rebuild a community where veterans are always present to inspire those around them.” Veterans are always present.  We just don’t recognize America anymore. I told my children to stay the hell away from military service. The progressive liberals have nearly destroyed the services with their woke nonsense. I wouldn’t recommend military service to anyone now.”

“I’m retired Navy, my grandfather served in WW1, my father was a WW2, Korea, and Vietnam Army Veteran, and my sister retired after 30 years in the Army. I would be hard pressed to recommend enlistment under this administration, given the highly politicized senior officer corps.”

“This veteran will not be encouraging anyone to go into the military until long after the woke culture is cleaned out of the leadership.”

“I am a veteran of 25 years. My entire family from grandfather to grand children have served or still serving. All have retired except for 2 grandchildren that chose to leave the military because of all the woke classes that are mandatory to attend are being threatened with less than honorable discharge if they refuse. I will not recommend anyone going in the military until they get rid of the woke Generals and Secretary of Defense.”

“Same story as so many others, I myself served in Afghanistan, my brother two tours in Iraq, my father a Naval Academy Grad. and US Marine, his father was Navy during Korea and on and on. In our family it was always considered a DUTY to serve our nation and our people. That duty ended the day this regime was illegally installed into power and our nation stopped serving the will of the people. My sons WILL NOT be serving against the constitution and our own freedom in the lefts agenda to sell us out to be ruled by international overlords in a Global elitist controlled authoritarian socialist system. This country has become-under current leadership-EVERYTHING our forefathers before us fought to keep from our shores. To serve under this current regime would be to betray everything we fought and so many died for.”

“I spent 10 years in the Army. I planned on making a career but it got so hateful and political. I was passed over several times for promotions just because the Army had to promote minorities and females. I wouldn’t recommend today’s military to anyone. It’s a joke.”

“We have served already, honorably. Not our responsibility to also recruit for the armed service of America now afterwards. Stop dishing the systemic problems back onto us servicemembers, when the management (elected politician’s and policymakers) can’t keep things in order.”

“Served 20, retired in 95, had a parent who served 22. Up until 2 years ago I would recommend at least one enlistment. But no longer would I recommend it to anyone, any more than I would recommend living in NY, CA or any “blue” state. The military has long required the top echelons to be political to achieve their goals-but now it is required throughout the ranks. This is in large part to cowardly leadership, who refuse to protect members from social whims of the ruling party. If you want an elite force-then start protecting the organization from politicians who view them as just the same as the rest of the citizens. THEY ARE NOT JUST THE SAME. I am proud of my service and my organization and the things we accomplished, but am very ashamed of current military leaders who have forgotten “service before self.”

“I spent 23 in the military. It was broken when I retired in 2016. It’s still broken. The promotion system is biased. Leadership has no interest in taking care of service members. Lastly, I have been disrespected many times when I go on base to shop by active duty ego driven service members. It’s no longer honor, courage, & commitment. They are pushing junk ideals on a fighting military force. I stuck around for my pension. Not sure I would do it again. They’ve made it impossible to navigate fairly.”

“This military is not the military it used to be…as a retired vet, I now discourage entry into military…”

“My family and I have all served in the military. WW2, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. My grandsons expressed an interest in serving as well, but we have strongly discouraged them in following the family tradition due to the woke focus of the military and the current leadership. Don’t want our boys led by a diversity hire rather than a well-trained warrior.”

“I did recommend military service for many years, but now with the WOKE military attitude I refuse to do so. So many changes where men aren’t always as they seem. Amid special request for trans facilities in boot camp and other training facilities it just isn’t about national security and defense any longer. Cater to the special needs or regret it.”

“I served proudly in the military as well as members of my family. That was at a time when you believed in what you were doing, you believed in your leadership and you loved your country. Today, the way this administration and military leadership are making a mockery of our military and quite honestly our country, why bother.”

“Let’s see… liberals made a concerted effort to remove recruiters and ROTC/JROTC programs from schools and colleges. Military leadership worries more about inclusivity, diversity, and pronoun use than it does about killing enemies and winning wars. America’s position in the world declines with each Democrat administration.

As a 21+ yr veteran, I get asked all the time about service careers. I used to promote military service, but stopped back in 2009. Since 2020 I actively discourage young people from joining. If they want to serve, there are opportunities at every church, and in every community. You don’t need to join the woke, misguided military to make a difference.”

“I served 21 years in the Marines. Loved every minute of it, even after being wounded twice. But today, with the leadership in Washington there is no way i would recommend a young man or woman to join. We’ve had wars going since 91. Biden is determined to get us into another. It’s a shame how this country treats its veterans today!”

“I served thirteen years in the Army, both as an enlisted soldier and an officer. I too do not want my kids or grandkids to serve in the military. The focus on DEI seems to have taken over the military and I don’t see that changing in the near future. Why is a person with high blood pressure not qualified for service, but a person, on hormones, with gender dysphoria does qualify for service??”

“I am a Veteran, but until this corrupt administration is either charged with corruption or they are voted out, I would advise any young person to NOT enlist.”

“I’m a veteran and I talked my son OUT of joining the military. It was a sad thing for me to do b/c he really wants to serve his country, and I’m all for that. The reality though is that anyone joining our military today isn’t serving our country, they’re serving a corrupt political regime that cares NOTHING about our Republic and only about increasing their own wealth and political power. And they’d happily send American soldiers off to die in a war to, say, prop up a money laundering operation in Ukraine, fight for oil so they ‘elites” can keep flying their private jets while forcing the rest of us into EV’s, etc.”

“I joined the US Army right before 9/11 and was set on putting in a good 30 years of service. I did 16 years, three deployments and went from private to 1st Lieutenant. As a lieutenant I was ranked 3rd out of 42 in my battalion. The army started to downsize during the Obama years and let go all those that served honorably in Iraq and Afghanistan for the smallest infractions. I was let go in 2017 right after securing a XO position. So no, I will never have any of my two sons serve and I always recommend all younger people to find another path. The military preaches loyalty, but it’s a one way street. They want your loyalty, but they will never return it in kind.”

“As a former combat veteran, I would highly recommend service in the U.S. military. Just not right now. Wait for a couple years after they get rid of the whole upper command level and get their heads and butts wired together. WOKE and DEI have no place in the military. Right now, you are better off getting training in a number of other ways to make a good living that are readily available and won’t put you in student debt for a useless degree.”

“My grandson wanted to join the Navy since he was 16. He did research and decided that he wanted to be a Gunners Mate. He graduated high school with honors and decided to enlist instead of going to college. Since joining he’s attended multiple schools finishing at the top of his class in all. His first command put him on the fast track program and in less than 5 years he was promoted to E-6 (Gunners Mate Petty Officer First Class (SW). He’s currently in his second enlistment. After reporting to a new command he said things really changed. It’s become woke and political. He says unless things change for the better he will not be re-enlisting again.”

“Good luck changing the minds of young people who have spent 12+ years in our public education system being brainwashed with the left’s propaganda, lol. Why do you think there is a recruitment shortage now? Because these younger generations have been brainwashed by our education system that America is evil and they should not support their own country.”

“I served for 15+ years. I wouldn’t recommend military service to anyone under the Biden Administration or any leftist government. It’s the military and not a taxpayer funded social experiment. The left says they respect the military and veterans but it’s all lip service.”

“As a Marine veteran I recommend no one serve this administration.”

“Recruitment and Retention would go up if they just stopped with all this woke BS. Why would I, as a 22 year Veteran, want to inspire young adults to join a Military that is more interested in political correctness and gender issues than training them for combat? This Democratic push to castrate our Military’s fighting force has to first be reversed.”

“The only reason I could recommend anyone to join todays military is if they wanted free sex change surgery.”

“The question is why would we veterans encourage enlistment in a military that has lost the focus on those things that made our military great, those things we loved best about it?”

“Out of EVERY VETERAN in my circle of friends, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND enlisting in the armed forces until our political stance in the world stage changes. With demanding mandatory COVID shots, 3 of my career military friends were cut for NOT TAKING THE SHOT, and 2 saw the direction the left was taking and did NOT reenlist. All decorated veterans who take GREAT PRIDE IN THE COUNTRY THEY FOUGHT FOR!!”

“12 year AF veteran. No way I would try to steer anyone to service under the current leadership.”

“I served 22-years, between my brothers and father we’ve given 85 years to this country. I loved those 22-years, but I could not in good conscience recommend the military to anyone today. I don’t trust the leadership of today’s military to do what’s best for the country versus their political desires. The military is supposed to be apolitical but today’s General officers are nothing more than politicians with stars on their shoulders.”

“After 26 years in the military, I would never recommend anyone to join this woke joke of an army.”

“We won’t do it. Woke politics has no place in the military and the Senior Leadership are a disgrace to the services they serve in and our country. They have made our military a laughing stock and an embarrassment worldwide. You have lost my trust and willingness to encourage others to join though I am still proud to have served my country.”

“”Veterans” know what the military WAS like, and know what it has become. Why would ANY veteran recommend service in today’s woke military, to anyone ?? Our military commanders are mostly concerned about politics or feelings. Our military is soft and pathetic. God forbid we need to depend on them while xiden or any dems are in office.”

“We could, but we won’t. The military has become just another woke entity and puts ALL of its members in harm’s way with the “new” training and “indoctrination”. “Cultural Awareness” classes are disguised CRT and “woke”-ness. Many include the ridiculous “1619 project” and say systemic racism is prevalent today…”

“As a veteran and son of a veteran I would never ever recommend going into the military in todays woke climate. Senior leadership is failing, our CIC is a joke and will get us into a war sooner than later. Our military has declined dramatically in just the last two years but started going downhill before that.”

“Combat veteran here, I absolutely refuse to recommend anyone serve in today’s Military. From what I see it has become an extremely weak woke scared group on fragile soft people lead by incompetence at the highest level. Stay away.”

“I recently talked 2 nephews out of it. I served 10 years with multiple tours to Iraq and was a recruiter. I would highly advise against service with the way things are being run right now.”

“I’m a veteran. No thanks. I’ll do what I can to discourage the next generation from serving with a bunch of sodomites and cultural Marxists.”

“I am a veteran. OIF and OEF. I will never recommend for anyone to serve in the military. Its woke and broke. NAVY”

“Get the military squared away again and I’ll recommend it to the young folks again.” Navy Master Chief

“I have no doubt in my mind with the way the current illegitimate regime in charge disregards every other facet of the constitution and the disdain they have for anyone expressing patriotic ideology that it’s only a matter of time before they’re turning the military into a force utilized for domestic warfare against our own citizens and anyone else who refuses to bow the knee to the Globalist overlords they currently serve. And the sad part is it will be the veterans and those who are most patriotic and willing to defend our nation’s longstanding ideals and liberty of the people who they will target and seek to eliminate first. Serving under this regime is too much a risk of being a traitor to our nation to recommend service to anyone who actually values freedom and believes in the constitution.”

“This has everything to do with the woke agenda, these sellout politicians are the reason why zoomies don’t want to enlist and it’s a reason why veterans like myself that will not in good conciseness talk them into military service because the politicians do not represent the values the military once stood for.”

“Yes, vets “could” encourage the next generation, but the military leadership is destroying the services with their WOKE, Racial, and Gender identity politics. Our schools do not teach CIVICS, but do teach BLM, Gender, and Racial dysphoria. There is a movement going on that seems to be for one thing, DESTROY THE USA, from within.”

“24 years in the military and retired, my 18 year old grandson asked for advise about the military. He loves this country but is concerned about what’s happening within the ranks. I told him straight out he should wait until the country destroying democrats are out of office. Plain and simple poor leadership. Poor decisions from the top. Company Commanders that are afraid to make decisions.”

“We could, but we won’t. The military has become just another woke entity and puts ALL of its members in harm’s way with the “new” training and “indoctrination”. I served in ‘Nam, but told my grandson to stay away. Today’s military, for the most part, is a disaster looking for a place to happen.”

“Americans want to serve. They just don’t want to serve under tyranny.”

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