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Diversity: Necessary for readiness or the bogeyman?

The key sentence in this article:

“The discussion showed a partisan divide so wide that it was as if the two sides were living in separate realities.”

One reality doesn’t see that the DEI/CRT agenda in the military has its direct roots in Marxist ideology whose purpose is to divide and destroy.

The other reality sees that clearly and seeks to stop the Marxist ideology infiltration because it is against the US Constitution.

For more than half a century, the U.S. military has fielded programs to promote a more cohesive workplace of people from different backgrounds, with the mantra that diverse backgrounds and experiences set America’s force apart and make it the best in the world.

Never have senior officials beat that drum more loudly than in recent years, as the number of American youth both qualified and interested in serving has fallen off a cliff, forcing the military services to tap into regions and demographics they’ve not traditionally focused on.

But at the same time, a growing conservative movement is deriding diversity, equity and inclusion programs as overtaking national security priorities, or alienating troops who did not expect conversations about racial justice to figure into their military service and discouraging Americans from sending their children to the recruiters’ office. . . .  (read article on

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