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BOOK REVIEW: Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House

In their book, Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House, Dr. Carol Swain and Dr. Christopher Schorr in clear and concise language lay out the case against the teaching of Critical Race Theory in America.

They describe in easy-to-understand terms what CRT is and why it is harmful. Their style is straightforward, simply and direct and they expose CRT’s technique of substituting race for class in Marxism’s never-ending quest for revolution.

Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, Postmodernism, Critical Legal Theory are all succinctly described and exposed for their emptiness and avoidance of objective truth which is precisely what the left hopes to accomplish by their use.

How these destructive beliefs are used to undermine traditional American values is explained fully.

Also, how our Christian heritage, our Constitution and our legal framework is undermined by CRT is described in detail.

Most importantly, the authors simply and elegantly lay out action steps that anyone can follow to fight against the destruction of our precious institutions by the insidious lies, twisting of language, and false promises of CRT’s advocates.

Doctors Swain and Schorr lay out how American can fight back with techniques and references that point to resources that can lead the layman and the uninitiated into effective action to save our country.

Especially useful are the definitions of terms, resource lists, and even training sites that can help those who want to get engaged more in the fight to save the America most of us love.

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