Air Force Academy Open Letter

USAFA 2022 Survey Shows 12% Drop in Grad Pride

In an open letter, USAFA grad Scott Dunphy compares USAFA Association of Graduates (AOG) 2006 and 2022 survey reports showing a 12% drop in graduate pride in the Academy.

This 2022 Survey is discussed in the USAFA magazine Checkpoints, June 2022, pages 16-23.

Scott feels that the sample size and confidence level is excellent and highly valuable. The results are still being analyzed with additional information expected to be published later this summer.

Scott’s open letter to the AOG expresses concerns on the downtrend of pride in the USAFA and queries the interpretation of the comments.

One point is that 92% of grads were proud in 2006. That dropped to 80% in 2022. He offers the lack of candor from the DoD, USAFA and AOG may be the cause of decline.

Another comment in the letter is that Scott was not impressed with the positive spin the AOG put on the Afghan withdrawal; so why should we expect them to provide a realistic, candid and unbiased analysis of the survey.

As a note of comparison, it is typical for schools to have a 90% positive rating among grads.

Scott concludes with “If anyone would like to engage in friendly, polite debate in the comments below, I’d welcome it.”

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