Tyranny Up North: Canadian soldier pleads guilty to criticizing vax mandate

Canadian veteran James Topp pled guilty on multiple counts of conduct Tuesday over his public opposition to medical coercion within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

In February 2022, Topp and other CAF members criticized the military’s COVID vaccine mandate after over 400 members refused to get the jab.

The former warrant officer made critical remarks about the mandate in two videos posted to TikTok and YouTube, irking Judge Catherine Julie Deschenes.

At the time, the Vancouverite marched from the West coast to Ottawa, becoming a revered symbol for Canadians opposed to medical coercion.

Lt. Col. Greg Chan, who commands the Royal Westminster Regiment, lambasted Topp’s conduct, which he claims eroded trust within his unit and tarnished its image.

(Full text: Lieutenant-Colonel Greg Chan, the Commanding Officer of the Royal Westminster Regiment, claimed in a statement entered during the court martial that James Topp’s action have hurt morale and recruitment at the unit. Admits in cross-ex having “zero evidence” of Topp disparaging the unit. Mentions “evidence” that numbers at the unit aren’t good. Says unit went down 37 pers over a fiscal year. But admits not knowing about numbers in other reserve units in Canada.)

The Canadian vet joined the military in 1990 and became a reservist in 2019.

Deschenes also learned that Topp attended briefings on the military’s vaccine mandate and failed to comply.

As of Tuesday, Topp faces a potential dismissal with disgrace after pleading guilty on two counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline, during his court martial in New Westminster, B.C.

Topp initially faced six charges for anti-mandate statements he made while in uniform in February 2022, pleading not guilty to the other four charges. . . . (read more on Rebel News)

Vancouver reservist pleads guilty to two charges over vaccine mandate criticisms (Canadian Press, 14 Nov 23)

A former soldier who defied federal government and Canadian Armed Forces’ COVID-19 vaccine mandates says he was close to committing suicide before deciding to post anti-vaccine videos on social media and launch a protest march to Ottawa.

Warrant Officer James Topp, who joined the military in 1990 and served overseas in Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Afghanistan, testified Tuesday at his court martial that he felt “cast out and turned away” following his refusal to be vaccinated in November 2021.

“I got to the point where I did not want to live anymore,” he said. “So, I thought about it, and in February 2022 I decided to do something. So, I did.”

Topp, 52, pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline in relation to videos he posted on social media criticizing COVID-19 vaccine requirements for military personnel.

“I need to hear if you formally admit the facts,” Military Judge Cmdr. Julie Deschenes asked Topp. “Are these facts as they are summarized here, accurate?”

Topp, who faces a maximum punishment of dismissal with disgrace, told the start of his court martial in New Westminster that he was making his guilty pleas voluntarily.

He testified at the hearing for about 90 minutes, pausing for moments several times to compose himself.

“I had a very hard time with it,” said Topp, about the vaccine mandate.

“I felt it was coercive,” he said. “I felt it was done in haste. I felt it was going to open the door on other practices. It didn’t ring right with me.”

The Armed Forces reservist from Vancouver had faced six charges under the National Defence Act over the videos posted in February last year where he criticized pandemic vaccine requirements for military personnel and federal employees. . . . (read more)

Canadian veteran handed a ‘severe reprimand’ and $4,000 fine for condemning military’s vaccine mandate (Rebel News, 16 NOV 23)
Canadian veteran James Topp pled guilty on multiple counts of conduct Tuesday over his public opposition to medical coercion within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The embarrassing state of the Canadian military (True North, 16 NOV 23)

Just over 100 years ago, Canadian soldiers were the most feared troops on the battlefield. Our ‘shock troops’ struck fear into the enemy, whereas today, our enemies can’t stop laughing at us.

The Canadian Armed Forces are in the midst of an attrition crisis – too many troops are leaving and nobody is signing up. An unconstitutional vaccine mandate forced on the ranks resulted in thousands of patriotic Canadians leaving the force making matters worse. Further, Canada’s military is chronically under funded, resulting in embarrassing stories of Canadian troops having to purchase their own gear while deployed.

The treatment of James Topp, a man who marched across Canada in 2022 in protest of Canada’s vaccine mandates, is a perfect representation of the embarrassing and sad state of Canada’s once feared military. Topp, a man who gave hope to millions of Canadian during his March for Freedom is learning his fate in a court martial sentencing hearing because he dared to condemn Canada’s authoritarian mandates while wearing his uniform.

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