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Conservative Families Whose Kids Fight Our Wars Have A Lot More On The Line This Election

By Garrett Hayes, former U.S. Air Force officer

. . . . Republican voters in particular should consider that based on a report for 2020, almost 48 percent of enlisted recruits across the Department of Defense, excluding the Coast Guard, were from states that voted Republican in 2020.

When adding on the purple states of Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, the number jumps to about 56 percent. Prior polling and conventional wisdom have borne this out time and again.

In other words, red-state families are likely to bear the lion’s share of the burden and tragedy of combat casualties, should the U.S. intervene in another conflict around the globe.

Statistically, it would be conservative families who would have to stare down at flag-draped coffins.

Conservative mothers would be weeping for their fallen children after they defended some far-off land in the name of some U.S. national security interest.

Why should conservatives continue to man the military with the best of our young people when the very people who decide to make war have continually spat in the face of conservative values?

Since the Biden administration took over in 2021, Americans’ freedom has been limited concerning their careers, health care, and religion.

We witnessed fellow countrymen calling for those who disagreed with Covid mandates not to have equal access to medical care or employment.

Biden himself is the one who remarked that the Second Amendment is useless because you’d need an “F-15,” not just a “gun” to go up against the government.

This administration, along with its handpicked Joint Chiefs of Staff, has repeatedly commented on its racial preferences, fear of white supremacy, fear of white rage, and the need for “diversity.”

Furthermore, their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan left equipment there worth over $7 billion. This made those weapons and equipment freely available to the Taliban, due to the supposed logistical cost of transporting the equipment back.

Even worse was the administration’s extraction effort of Afghan allies and fellow American contractors who fought and went on combat missions with our sons and daughters.

Thousands of Afghans who did fight for their country were left behind, and private nongovernment organizations had to extract many of our allies and countrymen who were contractors.

And let us not forget the carnage of the final days, when 13 members of our military lost their lives due to a suicide bomber.

It’s worth asking whether conservatives’ loyalty to military service should continue — especially when so many traditional conservative values are openly mocked, dismissed, and ridiculed by the authorities training and deploying our children. . . .  (read more on The Federalist)

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