Army secretary shoots high for recruiting goals despite crisis in finding enlistees: reports

U.S. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth made an “ambitious” pledge to recruit 65,000 new enlistees, as the military faces a major crisis in attracting new people, according to reports.

“The number one priority, in my mind, for this year…is fixing our recruiting problem,” Wormuth said during a discussion at George Washington University, hosted by the Project for Media and National Security. “The Army missed its recruiting target last year by about 15,000 people. That is a very serious situation for us.”

Stars and Stripes, a daily military newspaper, reported that the army’s goal in 2022 was to bring in 60,000 new recruits, but missed the goal by about 15,000.

To shoot for an additional 5,000 from last year’s goal will be a challenge.

“We really have to get after our recruiting challenge,” Wormuth told reporters. “This is, frankly, a challenge not just for the United States Army but for all services.”

The Army was the only branch of military to not meet its recruiting goal in 2022, though it was not the only branch to struggle. In fact, the Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy all suffered recruiting struggles that forced them to dig into their pool of delayed entry program recruits, which put them behind on their ability to meet 2023 recruiting objectives.

The shortfall caused speculation that the military may have to restructure itself and adjust to the reality that its current recruiting goals are not attainable. Leaders will also have to lean more heavily on National Guard and Reserve troops if recruiting numbers fail to rebound.
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. . . . “It took us more than a year to get into the situation that we’re in, in terms of the recruiting landscape, and I think it’s going to take more than a year to turn it around,” Wormuth said. “We are in the process of reintroducing the Army to the American public.” . . .. (read more on Fox News)

What People Are Saying

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“I was surprised when my youngest son enlisted in 2012. A Black Hawk Crew Chief he was on his way to flight school when he attended a leadership class on ‘What to do if your male solider becomes pregnant or has their period.’ He had complained that half their time was spent in HR classes instead of training. Lack of flight hours, field training, competency in individual and collective tasks and skills. And so, much to the disappointment of this old soldier, he made the right decision, giving up his opportunity to become a pilot and got out. Today he has a degree in mathematics and a master’s from Embry Riddle in Aerospace Aviation Management and Safety and is employed as the Director of Safety for a cargo airline. He and his family are doing quite well, and he certainly doesn’t regret his decision. Regrettably, neither do I as his father. US Army Retired.”

“How about this: Knock all the woke garbage off. Military service doesn’t appeal to the woke sheep. It appeals to Americans who still think this country is worth fighting and dying for. And as the repeated low recruitment and retention numbers show, more and more Americans feel the country is no longer worth fighting for.”

“I’m from a military family and since Biden has started U.S on a path headed for destruction we have had every single active member in our family get out as soon as they could.”

“I retired with 21 years of service and have worked as a contractor for the military for 20 more years. The military culture has changed dramatically in 40 years… for the worse. Standards seem to be out the window and there’s very little motivation toward achieving goals. Commanders are scared to make decisions without consulting an army of lawyers, and every decisions has to be politically correct and “woke”. Those type of decision-making cycles get soldiers killed. It’s no wonder kids no longer want to serve. Military vets are warning their kids and others not to join. Remove the woke and esprit de corp will return.”

“When the young are taught to hate everything about this country, why would they enlist to risk their lives for something they hate? Not too hard to figure out.”

“Liberals don’t typically join the military and conservatives are avoiding it because of the “woke” policies. Not to mention that they discharged many trained soldiers for not taking the COVID vaccine. Good luck in your recruitment efforts!”

“So just like that and despite calling men and boys toxic, they still need them to keep their fantasy society safe. Young men got the message loud and clear and are not going to defend such a feminized regime.”

“The Army used to be a place for people to become soldiers. Now, it is just another indoctrination center. As a veteran, I am appalled by what I see.”

“In short order, she will have the Army very reflective of the current administration – incompetent, unable to meet standards and worthless. Keep calling all white people racists and continue to see recruitment and retention suffer. Continue to be led by poor leadership and continue to see recruitment and retention suffer.”

“Until new leadership scraps the “woke military” concept, it’s not going to get fixed.”

“Retired in 2017 with 23 years and some change between the Navy and Army Guard. Gone are the days that selfless service was important. With woke new ideologies, the military has become a joke, as the Marines are the only ones still trying to hold on.”

“Why sign up when illegals can just cross the border and get thousands of dollars every month? $600 for each kid and thousand of dollars of food stamps every month. Not to mention signing up to fight for democrat warmongers’ war?”

“They are lowering standards, but will still miss their goals by a mile. You can chalk this up to several things: Woke policy, the everyone gets a trophy generation, and the fact that the evil empires sense the weakness from Biden, so more armed conflict is coming.”

“You would have to be insane to join the military under this administration.”

“As a 3-decade retired Army veteran, I would not encourage anyone to enlist in a defense organization that trades Wokeness for readiness. The only way our kids will return to us from hostile overseas deployments is in body bags.”

“Why would young people fight for an administration that hates the Constitution, hates liberty, and hates groups of Americans? The reason for low recruitment is obvious.”

“Again the low enlistment of due to Military policy changes and the push of CRT by high level Commanders/Leaders. The military leaders are weak compared to past, Gen Reimer, Gen Powell, Gen Sworkoff, Gen Bramblett etc.. The loss of benefits for retirement. Now soldiers have to invest their income instead of having one built for them if they stay for 20 years. It’s a difficult transition to serve and takes a special person and family to adapt. Its not like a civilian job and live in one place all your life and get paid a lot more. Service members can have to move every 36 months or less. Some can stay longer in one place. They are separated from their families often by deployments or field exercises. I was one separated for 20 months due to my position. Change back to old system needs to happen. ”

“As in all things: GO WOKE GO BROKE.”

“First, you need to restart the draft. Second, you need to include females, and others, in the draft. Third, stop with all the “woke” nonsense and work instead, to build a lethal fighting force. Young people….find a nice trade/technical college and learn a trade. You will be your own boss and make plenty of $$. Me…21 years active, 7th ID, 3rd ID, 4th ID and 10th Mtn division.”

“Not a viable option for my son or daughter. Sadly, the patriotism I teach at home is all they are going to get.”

“It is pretty difficult to reach recruitment goals when you choose to eliminate half the population because you don’t want conservatives to serve. At the rate “wokeness” is taking over the military, We the People will be hard pressed to maintain our security and freedom.”

“It’s not a lack of understanding or obesity it’s that we know there is no point in signing up to to die for oil or for some Eastern European dictator. I’m proud to say I would not defend my government from foreign invaders, DC is theirs if they want it those people don’t care about us.”

“When you teach children that their country is bad for the past 20 years, you shouldn’t really be shocked when nobody wants to volunteer to defend it.”

“Liberal leadership’s answer to the very problems they created is to lower performance and morale standards to destroy American excellence and weaken every organization they have influence over.”

“It could be that intelligent and patriotic candidates don’t want to fight for a corrupt government.”

“Sorry, I’m not dying for this country. It left me, I didn’t leave it.”

“The U.S. military has forsaken its mandate to protect American citizens and American interests. It’s current leadership is more focused on social “equality” and woke principals. It’s no wonder recruitment is down.”

“Much like production goals set by central planners when the goals aren’t met they will be adjusted.”

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